Oncotarget And The Rise of Thyroid Cancer Therapy Research

There are many articles today about Oncotarget, but most of these gauche articles are written by fledgling writers who probably don’t know anything scientific about the articles they are writing. Int his article, we will try to address this concern.

We will offer you only the articles that are written in such a concise manner that you won’t be able to ignore. You will also read in the article here a list of the information bits that are happening lately with Oncotarget. Shall we move on?

The Latest Study

One of the more prominent articles you can read today in ResearchGate is the fact that there’s now a proliferation of carcinogenic elements that can now be addressed with the help of various cancer therapies. In the article, there’s so much discussion about the role of FOX06 as a transcriptional factor in breast cancer. Visit Soundcloud to listen an audio podcast of Oncotarget.

Breast cancer today is one of the leading causes of death, and any research that can be found from Oncotarget that would push the study would mean a lot to the search for the cure. It’s also good to know that there are firms like ResearchGate that are successful enough in promoting what people need to know to remedy the issue.

In the ResearchGate article, there’s also a lot of information about MDA MB 468 AND hcc 38, which are all factors in understanding the growth of cancer in the body. There’s also a lot of overview of how the FOX06 will induce accumulation of cells in the G0/G1 phase cell cycle, but which excludes apoptosis.

The Eureka Alert Piece

Another thing you probably don’t know yet about Oncotarget is that there is right now an article from Eureka Alert website that shows how much promise there is for the people out there to find new therapies for thyroid cancer. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at facebook.com

The research right now from Oncotarget seems to mirror all the advancements of research in other medical fields, and because of that, there’s already a lot of good things to expect from what will happen in Oncotarget.

That said, more of the research from thyroid cancer cure would most likely involve Oncotarget.

Know more: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

Boraie Developments LLC are Improving Cities, Opportunities and Lives

The summer of 2018 will be an exciting time in Atlantic City with the first development project to come up in over 25 years. Boraie Development LLC. is constructing an $81 million, 250-unit apartment complex called, The Beach at South Inlet. The construction will be completed and open for business by July of 2018. The apartments will feature the most advanced technology and every amenity a tenant could want including a swimming pool and gym. Atlantic City used to be a popular destination for gamblers, casinos and crime, but recently the scene has drastically changed. The area has become a family oriented, tourist and employment destination attracting new crowds and new opportunities. Wasseem Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Developments stated that the company’s project would increase the number of jobs in the area, attract more tourists and benefit the local community tremendously.

The aged buildings of Atlantic City have attracted site seers, but not many residents. Most of the buildings are over 40 years old and beginning to deteriorate so, Boraie’s new construction is a welcome sight. The casinos are still a grand attraction and popular tv shows such as Boardwalk Empire increased tourism and the Cities popularity, but the dilapidated state of residential buildings have put off many potential visitors. Atlantic City must redevelop, reimagine and regain its popularity through new developments, attractions and residential apartments for visitors to comfortably stay in. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Boraie Developments LLC is a family business that operates in the real estate development, management and marketing industry. With Omar Boraie as President and CEO of Boraie Developments and his son, Omar Boraie as Vice President they have managed to change and improve cities, employment opportunities and people’s lives. With its one million square feet of constructions Boraie Developments can be credited with beginning the redevelopment of the New Brunswick area. The Boraie complexes sparked a surge of developments in the area that has led to over $2 billion in other development and community projects. .

Boraie Developments has catered to cities around America and especially in the Brunswick area. It has worked with countless financial institutions, large corporations and has even teamed up with celebrities. In 2013 Boraie and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal formed a partnership that has remained strong. The Atlantic City apartment project is one such collaboration between the Real Estate Company and O’Neal. Boraie’s influence and development of the New Brunswick area has led to increased employment and opportunities, which Boraies hopes to repeat in Atlantic City with the construction of The Beach at South Inlet. Check out his website boraie.com

Read more: http://magazine.rutgers.edu/insights/seeing-the-future

The Career Milestones of Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman has many titles under his name. He is an experienced and established professor, surgeon and also a pediatrician. Currently, he works as a pediatric and surgery professor at the University Illinois College of Medicine. Mark Holterman has been serving at the institution for over 5 years and has contributed a lot towards the growth and success of the University. The research interests of Mark Holterman lie in generative medicine and also in stem cell therapies. Apart from being a professor, Mark is the founder and owner of the Miriam Global Health. This is an international investment firm which its main aim is to make an impact when it comes to global health. Read more on crunchbase.com about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Throughout his career in medicine, Dr. Mark Holterman has been involved in a number of medical professional institutions where he served as a member. Some of these institutions include the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Pediatricians. A talented and experienced pediatrician, Mark has managed to save the lives of countless children who are living in Vietnam. He attributes the success that he now has to his extensive educational background, hard work, discipline, commitment and above all his passion for the medical world. Dr. Mark Holterman has earned a reputation as one of the most respectable surgeons and pediatricians in the world. His main mission in life is to help all his clients and those from needy backgrounds get the best of medical care.

View: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/mark-holterman-md-a978422c-387f-40a8-b4b3-b5894444d1af-overview

A graduate of the prestigious University of Virginia, Mark Holterman holds both a Ph.D. and Masters Degree in Medicine and Immunology. Prior to attending this university, he went to the Yale University where he did his undergraduate degree in Biology. Throughout his career, Mark has been able to receive a number of awards due to his major contributions in the field of medicine. From 2008 to 2017, he was awarded the America’s Top Doctors Award. Mark Holterman also won the award for the Patients Choice in 2015, 2014 as well as 2015. Currently, Dr. Mark is among the top American pediatrician surgeons due to his outstanding relation expertise with all his patients. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

Glen Wakeman Is The Entrepreneur Who Helps Other Entrepreneurs Succeed

Glen Wakeman is a businessman, entrepreneur, and mentor that has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime. He has helped to develop M&As, get startups off of the ground, and inspire many people in the process. He is best known for creating a 5 step performance method that has worked wonders in many people’s lives. The basic idea of the methodology is to focus on human capital, leadership, executing in business, and managing risks in business. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman helped to co-found Launchpad Holdings LLC., which he is the CEO of. The idea for the company came from the fact that he enjoys helping people who have good ideas find the funding they need to get off of the ground. It disturbed him that so many entrepreneurs with good ideas fail before they even get started, and now he helps them to build solid business plans around their ideas. The best of what Launchpad Holdings has to offer is a simple to use software platform that guides startups through the process of becoming successful.

Glen Wakeman brings new ideas to life by forcing himself to explain an idea to other people. He says that this process forces him to be really clear about his ideas, and it also helps him to think about how he would defend them if the need were to arise. He feels that this is a great idea, because, many times, people come up with what they think is a great idea only to realize later it is not so great. When you are forced to verbally explain your ideas, it weeds out the bad ones and leaves behind great possible ideas that had stood up to the process. He finds it best to have to explain the idea to people who both think like him and especially to those who don’t, because opposition is a good thing that forces entrepreneurs to better define what it is they are wanting to accomplish. View Glen Wakeman’s profile linkedin.com.

Glen Wakeman has always appreciated education and what it can do for an individual, and he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in finance and economics while studying at the University of Scranton. He took his own education further and received an MBA in finance while attending the University of Chicago.

Visit: http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/12/miami-resident-glen-wakeman/

Eli Gershkovitch, A Force To Reckon With In Canada’s Craft Beer

At the mention of Canada’s favorite, most people would think of the beaver, maple syrup, and healthcare. What some people might not know is that Canadians have a great love for their locally brewed beers. Among the alcoholic drinks, beer is the most popular reaching over $9 billion in sales every year. Canada has witnessed great changes in its craft beer in the past years, shifting from the traditional bland watery beers by the Sleeman, Labatt, and Molson. The best beer in modern Canada is enough to make a person travel from the farthest part of the world to have a taste of the Canadian beer. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

The recent changes saw some traditional beer brewers such as the Granville Island and Creemore Springs getting absorbed into big multinational brewers. Propeller, pump house, Mc Auslain, and Unibroue are the most significant brewers in Canada. Some of the notable Canada craft beers include the La Fin Du Monde, Pump House Blueberry Ale, Party Animal, Propeller IPA, and St. Ambrose Oatmeal Stout.

About Eli Gershkovitch

It is almost impossible to discuss the Canadian craft beer without the mention of Eli Gershkovitch. Eli who also works as a lawyer and a pilot utilize his other two degrees to drive success in Steamworks Company. Eli Gershkovitch stands out as one of the most successful brains in Canada’s brewing sector. Before joining the brewery business, Eli Gershkovitch served as an attorney. His interest in craft beer began during his visit to Europe in 1987 where he had the chance to visit numerous breweries and enjoyed various outstanding beverage flavors. The process of manufacturing products and selling them to the consumers directly also intrigued Eli Gershkovitch. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at crunchbase.com.

Eight years after the Europe trip, Eli Gershkovitch started a brewpub. Eli named the brewpub the Steamworks. Steamworks stood out from other brewers because of its steam-powered beer production system. The product from the system was a delicious and unique flavor different from other beers. Eli Gershkovitch was satisfied by the first batch and focused on producing more of such flavor for the consumers. Within a short time, Steamworks had gained a huge client base and Eli Gershkovitch had to expand its initial seating capacity and increase production.

Visit: https://gazetteday.com/2017/08/eli-gershkovitch-steamworks/

The Journey of Modernity in Brazilian Medicine, with Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll Neto is one of the most important businessmen and entrepreneurs of medicine in Brazil, being the co-founder and President of the biggest network of private hospitals in the entire country, the D’Or Network.

He is also the president of the Administration Council of the D’Or São Luiz Network, and has already spoken about the future of medicine for Brazil countless times.

In his mind, the future and the improvement lies in the use of innovative technologies and techniques to improve what the Brazilian professionals, doctors, and medics can do. The use of new tools and gadgets can drastically improve the performance that some treatments have, and their efficiency in treating a disease. It can open doors for new therapies and the development of new researches on diseases and the human body. According to Jorge Moll Neto, the use of new technology is the bridge to success. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

His opinion is held very firmly by the other entrepreneurs who gave their voices on the matter. He is simply the co-founder of D’Or, which has 32 hospitals scattered across national territory, and is also a cardiologist with decades of experience in his craft.

Know more: http://www.idor.org/nossa-equipe

Having started his journey through medicine in the big Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, he was always an idealist, a dreamer. Having achieved his goals of being a cardiologist, he never stopped in the middle of the road. Newer equipment arrived for the young Jorge Moll Neto, and his work was made more comfortable. That has happened countless times, and cardiologists nowadays are much more efficient because of the ever-growing technology that the world produces.

As an entrepreneur, Jorge Moll has visited each one of his hospitals, and continues to do so on a weekly basis. The introduction of new technology and improved tools is always a time for celebration. It always means that, in some way or another, a patient will have a better experience because of the introduction of that new solution.

Having experienced the downfall of Rio de Janeiro as the “center of medicine in Brazil,” back in the 20th century, Jorge Moll speaks about how he thinks it is necessary to keep up with modernity. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Eco-Friendly Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is pretty large. Visiting your local supermarket, you will see dozens of brands. With the industry grossing one hundred billion annually, its a profitable industry. Bottled water companies are so numerous now and days that each one brands there water as something special to stand out. Whether they add vitamins or have a special filtration process, every one wants there water to stand out. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

For Waiakea Water, the made in Hawaii automatically gives off a vibe of being clean and of purity. Waiakea Water also uses the Hawaiian language in the name, wai akea means broad waters. The coolest way that the company stands out is the filtering process. Waiakea Water is filtered though the volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano. That coolness factor really makes it stand out.

Another thing that sets Waiakea Water stand out is that they are Eco-Friendly. Think about it all those plastic bottles are either dumped into the ocean or in landfills with very little being recycled. Waiakea Water has come up with a solution. They created the worlds first fully degradable plastic bottle. It takes a normal plastic bottle nearly one thousand years to degrade and break down naturally, just to give a bit of prospective. The Waiakea Water company can now produce a bottle that will break down in only fifteen years. That is much better for the environment. In addition to the remarkable breakthrough the company is also Carbon Neutral, because of the types of vehicles the company uses to deliver its product.


The company has grown a lot. It has an annual growth rate of one hundred and seventy percent. It has gone from around two thousand cases to well over one hundred twenty thousand cases in about three years. That is what I call growth.

Waiakea Waters is also concerned about about global poverty. It has partnered with Pump Aid. Pump Aid helps bring clean water supply to rural areas of Africa. The charity has brought clean water to over one million people.

Waiakea Waters feels that it has a mission to provide naturally health Hawaiian volcanic water while promoting clean water access and conservation through out the world. For every liter bought, the company donate one weeks supply to the people of Malawi. Watch this video on Youtube.

UTC Once was Home to a Legend

He is known as the business wizard. Many hail him as a legend in the corporate realm. Economics teachers pound on his door trying to get him the come and lecture in their classes. This man is the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert.

Chenevert has always been a businessman in the making. Having grown up in Ontario, Canada he heard of the prestigious University of Montréal. He decided that it would be best for him to attend its affiliate business school HEC. Here, he would receive a degree in production management which would serve him well throughout his career. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.

Chenevert would land a job at General Motors the day after he graduated. While working here, he oversaw the production line for the Pontiac brand. Chenevert was glad to take this job because it proved to be great training grounds for a future CEO. After working here for 14 years, he would receive a job offer from Pratt & Whitney to train to become their next President.

Louis Chenevert began working for Pratt & Whitney as the president-elect. It would take six years of training for him to be ready to take office once the current president stepped down. Once Chenevert took on the role of president, he was able to increase their stock share by 25%.


This wonderful work caught the attention of United Technologies Corporation. They approached him with a job offer to become their Chief Executive Officer. Chenevert was more than happy to take on this role.

Once he arrived, he immediately did the few things that gained the attention of the world. Firstly, he stabilized the shaky profits that United Technologies Corporation was facing. He did this by acquiring several key companies that allowed United Technologies Corporation to diversify their portfolio and offset their debt.

The second thing that he did upon arriving at UTC was to make them more environmentally friendly. They were paying millions a year in environmental fines, and by decreasing water consumption and gas emissions, he was able to forgo this expense. Read more at Bloomberg.

Lastly he spent time training his valuable workers.

Mimic The Cheryl Blossom Look With The Red Velvet Matte Velvetine from Lime Crime

If you watch the show Riverdale, then you have seen the bright red lipstick worn by the character Cheryl Blossom. You may even be thinking of trying her signature red lipstick with your own wardrobe. The good news is you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve her unique look. You can find it at an affordable price from Lime Crime.

The lipstick is known as Red Velvet, and it comes from the Matte Velvetine collection from Lime Crime. Doe Deere has always loved the vibrant color of red rose petals, and it was this flower that inspired her to create this beautiful velvetine. This matte liquid lipstick is designed to last throughout the day, and it does not bleed, smudge, transfer or dry out. It is best to apply lip balm 15 minutes before applying the velvetine directly to your lips. Use a lip brush to re-apply it throughout the day. You can remove it with oil or waterproof makeup remover.

The Red Velvet Matte Velvetine can be worn with several other Lime Crime products. It is almost a perfect match with the Crimson Red Unicorn Hair Dye. If you are looking for a darker contrast, you can create your own look with the sparkling Chameleon Diamond Dew or the Venus and Muse shades of the Venus eye shadow palette.

Lime Crime was launched by Doe Deere in 2008, and she was inspired after she could not find shades that matched her colorful wardrobe. The company offers a variety of products in unique, light, dark and neutral shades. Their mission is to help you find makeup that expresses your personality. The products include the Unicorn Lipstick, Matte and Metallic Velvetines, Venus Palettes, Hi-Lites and Pop-On Nails.

If you want to mimic the vibrant look of Cheryl Blossom, be sure to check out the Red Velvet Matte Velvetine from LimeCrime.

Which Way Brazil? Felipe Montoro Jens Answers

The government of Brazil understands the need to curb the spiraling unemployment rate in the country and give hope to the youthful masses yearning for jobs opportunities. The challenge, however, lies in expansion and modernization of the country’s old century infrastructure to be able to accommodate as well as attracts numerous investors into the South American industrial giant. Everybody expects that this trend needs to be broken to increase the Brazilian productivity that can sustain the countries large populations.

Tarcisio Gome de Freitas, the project coordinator, on the Investment Partnerships Program(PPI) understands the government is doing anything possible to facilitate these development agendas with 18 auctions occurring in the second half of the year 2017. He further believes that the investment in mega projects fosters health relationship between the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and even brings and attracts new players on-board.

He adds that the new model of partnership by the government also rectifies previous error it committed to what he termed as over-intervention.He explained how the past mistakes by the former regimes led to an imbalance of property risk. He reaffirms the private sector that the Brazilian government no longer taking the anti-business with the new administration. The Brazilian government is open to discussions and welcomes even the private companies for provocations in instances where questions and challenges may arise. He singled out one advantage with building governance on projects fosters and enhances Investments Partnerships Program.

With Michel Temer taking over the office on 31st August 2016 and during his first year of his tenure at the presidency, his administration has overseen 41 auctions in infrastructure sector only. In estimates, the Brazilian government have captured/ or raised approximately R $ 23B in investment as noted by an expert in infrastructural projects, Felipe M. Jens. that is a great progress when compared to other states of the same economic level.