How EOS Became A Household Name

EOS made a daring move when they entered the chap stick market. For as long as most people remember, chap stick came in a simply tube with an ingredient list that felt very clinical. A few years ago, EOS lip balm changed the game when they introduced their colorful orbs of chap stick that approached the product in a whole new way.

Traditionally, chap stick was a unisex product, but EOS did some research and found that the product was overwhelming more popular with women. Their research also showed that one major complaint was that the tubes often got lost in purses. Some users claimed they enjoyed the idea of the chap stick pots, but found them to be unhygienic. Taking all that into account, EOS created their revolutionary product, the popular orb that fits all users needs. They created it so that it would easily engage all five senses, the soft packaging was pleasing to hold, the bright colors were appealing to the eye, the flavors offered both a pleasing smell and a delightful taste, and the orb has a satisfying click when it is closed.

Instead of investing in third party manufacturing and big advertising, the company invested in their own equipment in order to scale their company very quickly. They created a production facility that is almost completely automated. They contacted beauty bloggers and had them review the product on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They then moved on to work with millennial celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears to have the product appear in their music videos and they even became headline sponsors for Demi Lovato’s world tour. Rapidly, as the company gained more recognition, they became one of the largest advertisers in their category. The products are now being sold by large stores like Target and Walmart. Online merchants Amazon and eBay sell them too.

Though it has been an untraditional path the company took, in seven short years EOS became a household name. Their product has even produced copycats from Blistex and Revo who have created similar orbs. EOS sells about one million chap stick orbs per week, a number that tops their entire first annual sales. More product information, visit

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Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa Top 10 Photography Tips

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa wants all photographers to know that they are probably making some errors when it comes to taking pictures. These are the errors that you may be making.

Not focusing enough. Make sure that all of your pictures are in focus.

Too much going on in the pictures on Try to make your pictures as clear as possible without backgrounds that are too busy to focus on what is going on in the picture or in the frame.

Not being consistent. You should have some level of consistency in your photos. This applies even if you are able to put together some themes that your photos all fit into. Be as consistent as possible.

Saying yes all the time. You don’t have to say yes to every client. Say no sometimes because that will help you have an easier workload and give you the chance to do higher quality photographs on for the people who want to pay for them.

Not getting too close. Get as close as you can. Pictures that are closer will look better. Make sure that you are close to your subject but that you are also in the same focus as what you would typically want to be.

Charging too much. While you may think that your photos are valuable, many people may not. Make sure that you show them you care more about their business than their money so that you can charge them a lower amount of money for the pictures according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

Not having a variety. You should always have a variety in your pictures according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Even though they need to stay within the same niche, there should be different options for people to look at when they are viewing your portfolio.

Not having an exact subject. Your photos should be subjective and you should be making your subject clear. This will be easier for people to look at and will make it better for gaining business on your end.

Not utilizing the sharpness function at Your camera has it for a reason. Set it at a medium setting to make sure that you are getting as sharp as possible. Use a higher setting to make the photos appear more realistic.

Not cutting out some. You should eliminate some of the pictures that are in your portfolio. People don’t want to see every single picture that you have ever taken. Make sure that you eliminate some of them.

Create Joy and Fulfillment with Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a wisdom that provides you with the tools that are needed to create joy and fulfillment that will last. The Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah. It is a non-profit organization and they make the Kabbalah principles something that are easy for others to understand and relevant so they are able to apply them to their daily lives. Students are provided with tools that are spiritual and that are based on the kabbalistic principles. The students are then able to apply those principles however they see fit to not only help them improve their own lives but also to help them make the world a better place. The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922 by someone by the name of Rav Yehuda Ashlag. This Centre now has more than 40 locations as well as a very widespread online presence.

Kabbalah has developed many meanings over time and to different people it can mean different things. The Kabbalah Centre understands this and supports all of the different interpretations of the Kabbalah principle around the world. The Kabbalah Centre teaches this way of thinking as a wisdom that is universal and that predates religion or the Bible. They teaches that anyone can study Kabbalah, regardless of their path or their faith. They also teach in a way that describes the way creation started including the existence of humans and the journey that a soul takes.

The mission of the Kabbalah Centre is to provide a platform where they are able to help their students improve their lives. They accomplish this by providing their students with the spiritual tools that are based on the kabbalistic principles. The students are then able to apply these principles as they see fit so that they can make better decisions and not only improve their lives and benefit themselves but also help make the world a better place. This application of the kabbalistic principles is what is able to create the positive difference in all of the student’s life journeys.

Help Wikipedia improve their coverage of indigenous people

If you were to be asked what you know about a person like Esther Belin, you would probably ask who she is and why you should know anything about her. Well, the lady is a multimedia artiste who has won a pushcart prize for her work. She has also been listed as one of the favorite artistes by big names such as Sherman Alexie as one of her favorites. The interesting thing about the artiste is that famous and accomplished as she is, there is no information about her on Wikipedia. As a matter of fact, there is so little information about indigenous people on Wikipedia that the organization is inviting editors to try and write something about this community that seems to have been forgotten.
Everyone that participates in the Wikiconference North America is being invited to be part of the edit-a-thon that will take place on the Indigenous people’s day. The main aim of the event is to get something written about this community that has remained behind closed doors despite producing some of the most talented people in the community. The idea of holding edit-a-thons came after a research was carried out and it revealed that only 8 percent of all the Wikipedia editors are female. Besides getting more women to participate in the editing of the site, the events are supposed to improve the rate at which the issues affecting the women are highlighted.
It is a little hard to believe that one of the world’s largest information database, containing more than five million articles and with a user base of close to 30 million can have such large blind spots when it comes to giving information about certain groups of people.
Another research that was done by Oxford in 2015 showed that very few locals are willing to edit on issues that relate to their culture or countries. It was also discovered that people from places like Africa where the broadband connectivity is limited are less likely to participate in the editing projects.
The fact that there are so many people using Wikipedia is an indicator that businesses that want to increase their reach and visibility should invest in a page on the site. Besides the visibility, search engines tend to rank pages that have been listed here higher than those that do not have a page. It is therefore recommended to hire Wikipedia experts to perform the edit for your business and reap the benefits of being part of Wikipedia.

The Growth of Status Labs

Status Labs is a company that has a growing reputation for not only the excellent services that are offered to customer around the world, but also for the services that are offered to individuals that are seeking a way to improve their business while also expanding their business. Status Labs has received much praise for the services that are provided and plans to continue to provide high quality services to individuals as well as businesses in need. Status Labs is a growing company that has been exponentially growing over the years because of the excellent offerings to customers. Status Labs is a company that has over 1,500 loyal customers and continues to grow everyday both on the local level as well as on the international level. Status Labs believes that every single customer of the company deserves the best services and works hard to make sure that they are provided effectively.

The online reputation management industry is an industry that has offered individuals a second chance. A second chance is offered due to the fact that just one comment or one review can often cause negative implications about any company or individual. This is especially detrimental to the smaller business when the smaller business is looking to expand and to grow to offer better and bigger products as well as services. Status Labs is a company that can help with any initiative and works hard to ensure the best success in any endeavor for business.

The head of Status Labs is Darius Fisher, an individual who is an expert within this industry not only due to his extensive knowledge, but also due to his experience as a businessman as well as a political consultant. Darius Fisher is recognized as not only a business owner, but also as a great leader who is on a mission to provide excellent services to all 1,500 of his loyal customers Darius Fisher has many plans for the future of Status Labs and hopes that his plans will grow the company even further for the future to come and for many businesses and individuals that depend on the company.


Eric Pulier Helped With The Y2K Transition

The transition to the year 2000 was quite a scare for many people, and the Clinton administration allowed Eric Pulier to help the government make the best of the situation. He is now known for the incredible enterprise technology work he has done, and he built something that changed the world at a time of great peril. This article explains how Eric created a safe place for the computers of America to change to a new century.

#1: How Did Eric Come To Hold So Much Importance?

Eric designed the enterprise technology that is now known as the government enterprise interface used in many departments. He has the reins of the industry in his hands. and everyone in government was changing over to his systems when the Y2K change took place. He was asked onto the transition team to ensure a smooth change for everyone, and he ensured the change would take place on the best terms for everyone.

#2: How Does Enterprise Technology Change The World?

Enterprise technology is used by businesses to connect business machine sin the field to their central systems. Central computers are quite helpful as they provide all the information for a field worker, and the field workers may offer fine customer service to everyone they meet. The systems themselves are simple to install, and Eric improves businesses every year as he upgrades the systems.

#3: What Is The Power Eric’s Innovation?

Eric’s innovation helps to pull together the most modern technology of the day with what businesses must do to serve customers. A customer who receives service through an enterprise system feels as though everything was simplified, and Eric helps ensure everyone in need of a new avenue of income will find it when deploying computers with his software.

The career of Eric Pulier is quite a powerful one that has helped the world’s businesses improve many times over. He has chosen a path that helps the world economy grow, and every business that uses the same technology will ensure customers are pleased with their service while increasing their bottom line at the same time.


Mike Baur’s Visualization Creates New Revenue Potential for Startup Companies Success

In 2014, when Mike Baur Co-Founded the Swiss Start up Factory in Switzerland, it began as an ambitious mission to create global companies that break from the traditional ways of doing business. It was to produce an outcome of companies which would expand beyond the normal business models. Swiss Start up Factory set out on an aspiring journey to pave the way for early stage startups to grow and strengthen their businesses.

As Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Mike’s vision positioned Swiss Start up Factory to establish a trail-blazing 3-month program, which provides financing, coaching, mentoring and office space to an enormous entrepreneurial and investor network. The company focuses on delivering ideas-to-market within that 3-month time frame, for the start-up business to expand its growth, technology and revenue earning potential.

Virtually all entrepreneurs within the program have made significant pivots to creating added revenue for their business. It is a testament to the success of the commitment, mentorship and creativity of the program. It is widely branded for developing revenue streams for growing a startup and enriching its technology resources.

Mike Baur knows how to strategize the various factors in order to grow a business and make it successful. In 2011, as the former founder of Scansource Inc., Mike was named one of CRN magazine’s top 100 Executives. The award was to spotlight the most influential executives in the industry at the time, and Mike was exceptionally influential with his commitment to help bring contrasting technologies together into an integrated services range.

At that time, Mike said “(he) remains committed to helping partners grow their business as new opportunities continue to be introduced…” It was a clear sign then, as it is now, that Mike Baur would take the Swiss Start up Factory to great heights with not only his commitment, but also with his unwavering non-traditional business approach to cultivate and develop early stage startups.

Perhaps because he could be well-known as one of the most effective entrepreneurs of the decade, Mike has made the world of the startup enterprise a more skillful art form with the Swiss Start up Factory program, and it will continue for years to come.

Mike Baur continues to pursue the responsibilities for the fundraising prospects and financing rounds for the Swiss Start up Factory program. The SSUF team continues to provide an exceptional platform of services as well as entrepreneurial support for startups to achieve tremendous revenue earning opportunities.

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How To Stay On Top Of Bad Reviews On The Web

Whether you are a mom and pop shop that repairs computers or a major corporation that actually manufactures computer, you must pay attention to your online reputation. One of the major factors that determines your online reputation is how you respond to negative reviews. There are right and wrong ways to go about responding to negative reviews. Responding properly can help reduce damage and may even increase your standing. Not responding or responding poorly will only make your reputation suffer even more.

If you do get a negative review, then take a good look at it. Why did the customer post a negative review? Was it due to a bad experience? Did you not deliver on a product or service? If the negative review or complaint was due to your part, you should own up to it or acknowledge it. This is key. Admitting your mistakes in life and in business will let your learn from it. In the case of online reputation, it will show that you do care about customers and that you will attempt to make things right.

Let’s say a review is posted and you seem to have done everything right. There were no mistakes or mishaps on your part. There just seems to be a customer who is not satisfied. Respond professionally and try to address the needs of the consumer. If that cannot be done, then you are better of ending it there. Don’t ignore bad reviews. You should always respond to them. However, if you cannot fix the issues or change the consumer’s mind, then don’t fret. Having some negative reviews is not the end of your brand.

What you should also do is to know where any bad reviews or content about your brand is coming from. You should also be to find out who is behind the negative reviews and why. Do your own research on the web and search out your brand products. See what is being said about it. Look at reviews. Remember there are over 100 different places where consumers can share stories about their experience with a product or service. Knowing the source and reason of bad reviews can greatly help you address them.


Eric Lefkofsky Empowers Physician’s to treat Cancer with Tempus

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur from Southfield, Michigan with a determination to succeed. After attending the Univeraity of Michigan and graduating with honors in 1991, he attended the Univeraity of Michigan Law School and graduated in 1993 with his Muris Doctor. He persevered through many business ventures on his pathway to success and has a current role as founder and CEO of Tempus.

He is the co-founder of companies like Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake. Most recently, Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus in 2016 and is currently CEO of the company.

After graduating law school, Eric Lefkofsky and a friend from college bought an apparel company, Brandon Apparel, with money they borrowed from family. The two went on to create Starbelly in 1999. Starbelly was an Internet company that sold promotional items. In 2000, Halo Industries bought the company, and Lefkofsky was hired as CEO. The company soon went bankrupt and faced many lawsuits, but they were all resolved. This didn’t prevent or stop Lefkofsky in any way.

In 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings to service print orders for companies. In 2005, he went on and started Echo Global Logistics. This was far from the end for Lefkofsky. In 2006, he did it again with the MediaBank, which provides customers with planning, buying, and accounting software.

Then in 2007, he provided capital to fund This online collective action website later changed its name to In 2010, it was Lightbank, a firm designated with starting new companies in Chicago. In 2014, it was an analytic company, Uptake, LLC. Now, Lefkofsky is on to his new venture, Tempus.

Tempus is a technology company providing physicians the ability to provide personalized cancer care to patients. Physicians have the capability through Tempus’s innovative interactive analytical and machine learning platform to deliver cancer care that is focused and well-informed. Molecular profiles and genomic data is collected for analyzing. Physicians can then analyze a profile that is similar to their patient’s data to make the best decision possible for this patient. Each patient, each tumor is treated individually using the information that is stored in an easy accessible location.

The genomic sequencing services, analytical process of molecular and therapeutic data is unique in its ability to allow doctors to make split second decisions based on data. The data allows patients to receive the best possible treatment based on treatment records of patients in the past.

Tempus has taken cancer treatment to a new level. Tempus’s doesn’t simply store the data, it also produces a report that is detailed about the patient’s current cancer state and additional information that will assist with generating an effective plan for treatment. The standard of cancer care has just been amplified.

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The Leading Global Logistics Provider – IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is one of the best providers of facilities management, advanced technical and professional services as well as global-scale logistics. With over two thousand employees in over twenty-five countries in the world, the Company aims at solving the hard challenges of customers in both private and public sectors. IAP Worldwide believes that doing things right means more than solving the problems of the customers the smartest and efficient.

History of IAP Worldwide

The history of IAP dates back to sixty-three years ago when Pan Am World build the first space launch in America. The company gave its support to the testing of over two thousand launches after operating for 45 years, Kaye Scholer, is a century-old law firm that combines business acumen and continuity represented the Deutsche Bank Trust Company as an administrative agent in restructuring the IAP Worldwide services and its affiliates. It acted as a defense contractor.

Contracts and Acquisitions

Three months ago, IAP Worldwide won a position on the United States Navy’s global contingency support award contract. The contract was valued at nine hundred million dollars. Under the contract, the company is expected to supply electric diesel propulsion plant, based on twin Bergen engines that will drive through the reduction gears.

IAP Worldwide has recently been activated to provide emergency power and provide assistance to support the Hurricane Matthew for the two FEMA regions. It deployed several teams to the bases along the Coast located in North Carolina and Florida in support of states preparing for the important regional effort.

Besides, the Company won the United States Army’s contract to offer integrated fielding, logistics and training support for the Manager. It also distributed common ground system at Texas and other locations around the globe.

As a leading global logistics provider, IAP Worldwide acquired DRS logistics and aviation and DRS Technologies business located in Oklahoma City. The acquisition will upturn the capabilities that the Company delivers to its customers around the globe and will double the company’s market.


IAP Worldwide has people who solve various problems for others. Working with them gives one a sense of cooperation, dedication and equality. It is the leading hiring company in the United States. We seek dedicated professionals, highly motivated and experienced people to work in the areas of Logistics General Management, Construction, Engineering, Program Management, Accounting/Finance operations and other specialty areas. Interested candidates can apply through the IAP website. For queries and concerns, contact them on the lines available on the website. They are also on Facebook and Linkedin.

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