Helane Morrison: Brings Forth Positive Changes in Society

One thing that people understand is that society needs to change for the better. However, in order to bring forth the changes, one has to be willing to fight for those changes. There are always people that like things the way they are. Therefore, it is important for them to be willing to move through this obstacle. In order to do this, one has to have a thick skin. The best way to develop a thick skin is by having a vision that they believe in. The person’s motivation to fight for this vision depends on how great this vision is.


Helane Morrison is one person who has that great vision. She envisions a world of true equality and diversity. While there is still a long journey ahead for this person, she does consider the journey worth every step. As a matter of fact, she has traveled on this journey for a while. She has taken on a lot of corporations that act unethically with finances. Therefore, she has developed the resolve that is necessary to take on the big cats. One thing that motivates her is not that she wants to punish the big corporations. As a matter of fact, she wants to strengthen the trust in corporations. The only way to do this is by holding corporations accountable.


Helane has taken on a lot of cases in order to whip the industries in shape. One thing she does not like is the idea of clients coming to the conclusion that financial institutions are not trustworthy. This is why she is willing to make sure that they are following the rules that are put in place. This is in fact a promise that the corporations must keep because they are very important to the customers. If the customers have nowhere to go, then they will be in a bad position.