Dr. David Samadi Comments on Mitt Romeny’s Recent Treatment for Prostate Cancer

As the political world swirls with change in the wake of the volatility currently coming out of the White House, many veterans in congress and choosing to retire rather than run during an unpredictable mid-term election. This has brought on many new openings in congress, and one of the most notable is the senate seat in Utah which has been held for many years by Orrin Hatch. With Hatch now retiring, former Utah governor Mitt Romney is choosing to run for the seat. All of this has brought more attention to Romney’s medical situation, given that he recently redovered from prostate surgery. The Washington Post recently published an article on the situation, with Dr. David Samadi, who is the acting Chair of Urology and the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, to weigh in on Romney’s health.

An Expert Examines Romney’s Prognosis

Dr. Samadi analyzed information provided about Romney’s recent surgery, and concluded that the governor’s prognosis is good. Romney is in general good health, and by choosing surgery as the initial treatment for the cancer, he made a wise choice, according to Samadi. In Samadi’s view, if the cancer is localized around the area of the gland, and has not spread to other organs, surgery is the best option. Patients who choose radiation initially often have problems if the cancer reoccurs later. Patients in Romney’s situation who have the tumor removed before the cancer spreads have a high rate of survival after treatment. Samadi also noted that other political leaders, including Colin Powell and John Kerry, have survived prostate cancer successfully and gone on to live active lives and to enjoy good health.

Dr. Samadi stresses that anyone who is considering treatment for prostate cancer should work closely with their urologist and make a plan that best suits their individual situation. They should also have an honest discussion about the possible impact treatment may have on their urinary function and sexual performance. Anyone who is considering surgery should also carefully study the surgeon’s history with patients and the number of surgeries they have performed.

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