Rocketship’s Commitment to Improving the Quality of Education

In the past, San Jose was a platform that facilitated the launching if the American dream as per a recent article in the Atlantic. According to a landmark study that was released in 2014 by Harvard University in conjunction with the University of California, most children that were born in San Jose’s low-income families during the 80s had a shot at being prosperous just as children born in socially progressive nations such as Denmark and Canada.

This is not the case in San Jose today as families find themselves in more desperate conditions. There is a visible segregation between the rich and poor communities. The middle-class jobs that were in abundance have long disappeared. The real estate industry is facing its set of challenges that have led to the skyrocketing of prices of housing units.

The remaining hope for this city is investing together in public education especially in the low-income neighborhoods and communities. Individuals teaching in these communities will attest to the fact that the way out of poverty in these communities is narrow and faced with a lot of hardship.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of America’s public charter schools that have made it their mission to improve the current quality of education in San Jose. They are accomplishing this by working with educators, teachers, various community organizations and parents to provide a vibrant ecosystem that will provide children learning in this communities with a pathway to institutions of higher learning.

According to studies that are conducted by the center for research on education outcomes (CREDO) in Stanford University, students learning the English language in San Jose’s poverty-stricken regions often achieve more than a month in supplementary learning when it comes to reading and math for each year they attend an excellent charter school. In San Jose, efforts are also being made to Improve the quality of education to students in these regions by Districts that include Alum Rock Union Elementary and Franklin-McKinley. Business leaders are currently providing a helping hand to these communities. Netflix CEO, for instance, committed $100 million to help improve the quality of education in these neighborhoods in America.