End Citizen United Endorses Fearless and Incorruptible Reformers in Executive Leadership Slots

Tiffany Muller, the President of End Citizen United, a political action committee whose role is to advocate for proper finance campaign systems makes a huge endorsement. The boss is in support of Senator Claire McCaskill’s re-election in Missouri. McCaskill is an eloquent speaker who does not shy away from addressing issues on electoral money expenditure and related transparency thereof. She is the voice of the people, a high profiled individual with great mass influence among people.

Senator McCaskill supports the Disclose Act and the constitutional amendment by the End Citizen United. This is with regards to financial systems during the campaign period and corrupting influence on the democracy of America. This follows a survey that showed 90% of Americans believe people with selfish interests control the government. End Citizen United surveys result tells 65% of voters to believe money in politics directly affect their lives. MacCaskill’s collaboration with ECU will bring together over 380,000 donors who will help beat the few people in government with malicious interests.

Congresswoman KyrstenSinema also gets the End Citizen United’s stamp of approval for the Senate seat in Arizona. She is a woman of character who wants the Washington to be accountable and transparent on money issues. It is alleged some big figures secretly manipulate election through monetary stunts. In her own words she says, Arizonans are tired of the system and being sold to special interest donors. She has openly criticized the electoral system and want big money on politics stopped.

Sinema share in the vision on End Citizen United which is to bring transparency in campaign funding and accountability. She voted against the bill to have mega-donor be concealed, and their fund is allowed into the economy. This endorsement comes with grassroots donations being activated to beat the mega-donors and hence bring electoral reforms. In 2015, ECU raised over $2 million from small donors through such a campaign.

About End Citizen United

It is a political Action Committee mandated to overrun the Supreme Court decision regarding campaign financing systems and counter bad governance. Grassroots donors solely fund it. It is currently engaging the United States’ government in electoral reforms and lobbies for support from anti-mega donor funding.

End Citizen United helps sensitize people on the influence of money in politics, foster electoral reforms, and conduct pro-reform laws’ campaign to help push the issue. Fundamentally, EUC would like to show influence money causes in politics through soliciting for funds from grassroots members. It is for persons oppressed by industry’s big fish and corporate interests groups who want things ruled in their favor despite it being unfair. EUC has a following of about 297,041 people on social media precisely Facebook.

About End Citizen United: actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united