Ranking the Best Ballers in the NBA


1. LeBron James: He has set the bar so high that his greatness tends to be taken for granted, but you don’t play in six straight NBA Finals without being the best player in the game. He can guard any position on the defensive end, and he can beat opponents as both a scorer and a passer. James plays at an All-Star level on both ends of the court, and as long as he is healthy, the Cleveland Cavaliers are a perennial title contender.  Almost as tall as NBA centers, but able to move as agile as a point guard.  That’s what makes Lebron special.

2. James Harden: Harden has blossomed for the Houston Rockets in Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo system. He ranks third in the league in scoring and first in assists while also leading his team in rebounding. Harden is a triple-double waiting to happen, and he is the driving force for a Houston team that looks like a legit title contender.

3. Russell Westbrook: Yes, his historic usage rate is part of the reason is he piling up triple-doubles on a nightly basis, but his league-leading player efficiency rating is proof that there is plenty of substance to his stats. In addition to averaging a triple-double Westbrook currently leads the NBA in scoring while keeping the Oklahoma City Thunder in playoff contention.

4. Anthony Davis: Yes, he plays on a terrible New Orleans Pelicans team, but that doesn’t take away from all that Davis does on the court. He ranks second in the NBA in scoring, blocks and player efficiency rating, and he also ranks sixth in rebounding and fourth in estimated wins added. Like the best NHL players, Anthony is extremely tough, and his durability adds to his worth on the basketball court.

5. Kevin Durant: Who is the best NBA player? Maybe Durant, although his decision to join the already loaded Golden State Warriors may have hurt his image a bit, but Durant is still one of the game’s best. In fact, Durant ranks third in estimated wins added and sixth in player efficiency rating despite playing for a stacked team. He is the best scorer in the NBA today, and thanks to his size, handle and range, he is the closest thing to an unguardable weapon that there is in the NBA today.