Norman Pattiz of PodcastOne Announces Results On Podcast Advertising

Norman Pattiz has been the chief executive officer of PodcastOne since 2016.

Pattiz has been gracing news headlines for announcing the results that were compiled after a marketing research that was conducted to establish the relationship between podcast advertising and brand recall. The release of the results was made possible through the assistance of Tom Webster, the president of Edison Research.

The campaign was conducted on five renowned brands that most consumers use. According to the research findings, podcast advertising is a huge positive influence on marketing. The following results were indicated.


The service provider for a particular financial service garnered a positive growth of approximately 47%. This was after the study. In the same research study, 60% of the candidates praised a particular grocery store with the services it provides.

That was an increase in client preference by 7%. In the post-study, more than a third of the respondents registered positive opinions concerning a vehicle in the market. This was an increase in preference from the initial 18%.

It was also noted that during the post-study, the garden lawn products garnered 22%. This was a remarkable increase given that the initial stage comprised of a likely to use scenario. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Finally, there was an increase in brand awareness on a particular campaign message made for a vehicle. The 60% increase was a positive result. A conventional dining restaurant on the other side emerged the leading in the research study of the market campaign after gaining 76%.


To come up with conclusive results, Edison Research deemed it necessary to have the research program conducted in separate scenarios in a bid to evaluate the accuracy. Apart from the accuracy of the results, it was vital to establish the effectiveness of podcast advertising on the selected brands.

Most brands had a stellar reputation, and this was excellent for a conclusive research finding. On the other hand, other brands needed more advertising services because they were in the trial stage where awareness was needed. The research findings and campaign for podcast advertising led to a conclusion that consumers were keen on products that were advertised. They even had the intention to buy.

Pattiz’s Profile

Norman Pattiz has been the chief executive officer of PodcastOne and his role for that position ended in June 2016. The career executive led PodcastOne into being a leading service provider for excellent news in sports, entertainment, traffic, and advertising.

He also chairs a talent acquisition company called Courtside Entertainment Group. This company is famous for adopting people with raw audio entertaining talent and mentoring the individuals into becoming the voice of the world.