Politics Have No Call For Thor Halvorssen

After creating the Human Rights Foundation in 2004 following the shooting of his mother at a political rally in Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen could barely have imagined how far his human rights activism career could have taken him.

The successful film producer has spent the last few years working on growing the Human Rights Foundation, and establishing the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become an integral part of the human rights activism community. From Hollywood celebrities to the top news media organizations the Oslo Freedom Forum has quickly grown to become a must visit for all in the human rights community.

The growth of the Oslo Freedom Forum has coincided with a rise in the media presence of Halvorssen himself, which has seen him become a popular figure on many different news media channels.

The belief of Thor Halvorssen that each and every individual in the world has the chance to learn about human rights abuses has seen him appear on many news channels not traditionally used by activists; Halvorssen points to the donations of Google founder Sergey Brin and the Oslo Freedom Forum backing of the Norwegian Government as signs of his liberal credentials.

Thor Halvorssen has spent his adult life working to help others find an escape from the oppression found in closed societies. The first steps taken by Halvorssen in the human rights activism world began with the role Halvorssen took battling the South African Apartheid regime in the late 1980s; the Venezuelan arrived in the consciousness of the public when he led a demonstration about anti-slavery laws in China.

The growth of the Human Rights Foundation has seen a large number of well known individuals appointed to the board of the activism group, headed by Russian anti-government campaigner Gary Kasparov.

Human Rights Foundation successes include the freeing of a number of political prisoners who would have remained in captivity were it not for the work of Thor Halvorssen and his small, but dedicated team.

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