Drew Madden: Investing in the US Healthcare Sector for Improved Healthcare Consumerization

Recent reports indicate that Amazon is looking into growing its fortunes in the healthcare industry through pharmacy licenses by embarking on the distribution of healthcare-related equipment. Given that the company already has a huge consumer base, this move will be a game-changer on how healthcare products are consumed. On the other hand, pharmaceutical giant CV is not taking Amazon’s move lying down. Reports indicate that the company wants to buy health insurance giant Aetna. Buying Aetna will mean that CVS will bring a range of healthcare services under one roof for the consumer; consequently changing consumer experience. Both Amazon and CVS are looking to transform the consumerization of healthcare by investing heavily on products and services to make the customer experience better for consumers.

Understanding the US Healthcare Industry

The US healthcare sector is worth more than $3 trillion dollars. However, the number of entrepreneurs driving this market are few because many people avoid investing in the industry simply because they do not understand it. Given that the healthcare sector is governed by many rules and regulations, many entrepreneurs are giving it a wide berth. However, this situation is slowly changing. The US Government has in recent years invested heavily in the healthcare sector, looking to change the attitudes of investors towards the industry. The government has implemented programs such as Startup America, Healthdata.gov, and Open Data Conference, among others. These initiatives are aimed at unlocking electronic health record firms.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden and his firm, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, form part of the new crop of entrepreneurs investing in the healthcare sector. Drew Madden is a healthcare IT expert who started his career in the industry at Cerner Corporation as an integration consultant. He has since then acquired skills in electronic medical records (EMR), Epic systems, CPOE, software documentation and implementation, and HIPAA, important skills in managing data in the healthcare industry. Not only is he skilled in IT, but he is also skilled in business development and has worked in capacities such as senior Epic consultant, regional sales director, vice-president, and president at firms such as Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., and Ingenix Consulting. Evergreen Healthcare Partners operates in the healthcare sector as a provider of multiple EHR platforms advisory and implementation services. Drew Madden’s role at the company is focused on team building, building trusted client partnerships, and building a unique and attractive corporate culture.