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IAP Worldwide is one of the best providers of facilities management, advanced technical and professional services as well as global-scale logistics. With over two thousand employees in over twenty-five countries in the world, the Company aims at solving the hard challenges of customers in both private and public sectors. IAP Worldwide believes that doing things right means more than solving the problems of the customers the smartest and efficient.

History of IAP Worldwide

The history of IAP dates back to sixty-three years ago when Pan Am World build the first space launch in America. The company gave its support to the testing of over two thousand launches after operating for 45 years, Kaye Scholer, is a century-old law firm that combines business acumen and continuity represented the Deutsche Bank Trust Company as an administrative agent in restructuring the IAP Worldwide services and its affiliates. It acted as a defense contractor.

Contracts and Acquisitions

Three months ago, IAP Worldwide won a position on the United States Navy’s global contingency support award contract. The contract was valued at nine hundred million dollars. Under the contract, the company is expected to supply electric diesel propulsion plant, based on twin Bergen engines that will drive through the reduction gears.

IAP Worldwide has recently been activated to provide emergency power and provide assistance to support the Hurricane Matthew for the two FEMA regions. It deployed several teams to the bases along the Coast located in North Carolina and Florida in support of states preparing for the important regional effort.

Besides, the Company won the United States Army’s contract to offer integrated fielding, logistics and training support for the Manager. It also distributed common ground system at Texas and other locations around the globe.

As a leading global logistics provider, IAP Worldwide acquired DRS logistics and aviation and DRS Technologies business located in Oklahoma City. The acquisition will upturn the capabilities that the Company delivers to its customers around the globe and will double the company’s market.


IAP Worldwide has people who solve various problems for others. Working with them gives one a sense of cooperation, dedication and equality. It is the leading hiring company in the United States. We seek dedicated professionals, highly motivated and experienced people to work in the areas of Logistics General Management, Construction, Engineering, Program Management, Accounting/Finance operations and other specialty areas. Interested candidates can apply through the IAP website. For queries and concerns, contact them on the lines available on the website. They are also on Facebook and Linkedin.

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