Sawyer Howitt A Young Talent to Watch

Sawyer Howitt is more than meets the eye. Still a youthful student at Lincoln High at Portland, Oregon, he not only is an avid sportsman, but is also an entrepreneur. Sawyer is a member of the Portland, Oregon Racquetball Club, and works under his father, the founder of Meriwether Group, as a project manager. When he is not busy continuing his hands-on education as a manager at Meriwether, Sawyer continues to display incredible leadership talent.

Meriwether Group was founded by David Howitt, and seeks to assist emerging entrepreneurs in various ways. There are accelerator programs, partnership with capital investors, and strategic advisory boards to help brands grow and develop. Meriwether Group is all about taking a brand, serving their diverse needs, and pushing them forward, while still maintaining their integrity, values, and identity.

Sawyer has been responsible for directing various philanthropic organizations. The organizations that Sawyer has partnered with have supported funding for education, and the championing of women’s rights. Young Mr. Howitt also helps mentor troubled youth, leads international ethnic studies groups, and takes on internships. Sawyer Howitt is a driven young man, who understands the importance of maintaining smooth operations and financial management for a business to thrive.

When Sawyer Howitt is not at school or work, he enjoys spending free time on the Oregon Rivers, and cheering on the home team at a Portland Trail Blazers game, or practicing photography.

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