Fabletics: Trust is Important

Running any type of business is difficult enough as it is. Today, customers need to trust the brand they’re buying from. Fortunately, there’s not a lot a company can do to ensure that bond but sell high-quality products or services. So, as long as the company’s doing what it should be doing anyway, success is pretty much guaranteed.

Fabletics is an activewear brand that was founded on high quality. Fabletics even took high quality to another level by offering it at affordable prices. It’s rare to find such high quality that’s actually affordable. Most companies think affordable starts at $300.

Fabletics is the only activewear brand selling on-trend fashion at affordable using a personalized service that helps members find something perfect. Most of Fabletics’ products are affordable already or they’re discounted up to 50 percent off. Its 1.2 million monthly members love being able to buy two or three items for the same price as one pair of leggings from Lululemon.

The affordable prices and high-quality fashion aside, Fabletics also has a mission to make America healthy. Co-founder Kate Hudson has always wanted to address America’s issue of health and fitness. For a start, most experts try to get people to just jump into an active lifestyle.

Fabletics and Kate Hudson understand that not everyone, especially women, can just jump up and become healthy overnight. That’s why Hudson uses Fabletics’ fashion to slowly inspire women to embrace a healthier lifestyle. If someone wants an extra glass of wine, go ahead.

It’s all about forming a relationship with customers. When companies have strong relationships with customers, customers give their direct feedback. Companies use that feedback to create better products or offer better services. It’s a symbiotic relationship where both need each other to thrive.

It’s obvious how customers thrive when companies care about their opinions, but how do companies benefit? These days, people live digital lives where online shopping is almost a necessity. Companies need to have a positive online presence and reputation to survive. Recently, people began relying heavily on user reviews, or online reviews, to make final purchase decisions.

One bad review can tank an entire company overnight. Companies need their customers to like them and post positive reviews and opinions about their brand. Research shows that 84 percent of people trust these reviews.

Fabletics: Making Online Shopping More Convenient Than It Has Ever Been

The online fashion industry is one which is rapidly growing owing to the emergence of the sheer number of brands on the market. The competition is more robust than it has ever been before, which makes standout out from the crowd much more of a daunting task for those handling their marketing. Fabletics is one of those brands that has managed to break the mold and set themselves apart in more ways than one. Ever since the brand first came into existence in 2013, they have taken over the industry using some of the most ingenious tricks in the book. In every facet, Fabletics has taken the path that brands usually don’t take, making them a real force to be reckoned with.


When Fabletics first opened its doors for business, there was a lot that needed to be done to attract customers. People who shop online want to save as much time as possible, and don’t want to spend hours just to get that one piece that they like. Fabletics knew this and realized that one of the best ways to attract more customers was to make the online shopping experience extraordinarily efficient and easy. For this, they decided to implement a subscription system. Clothing brands usually do not choose subscription systems to attract customers, which is why this seemed like an excellent route to take for the brand. With this subscription system, customers can buy the latest trends is activewear fashion with just a few clicks and minimal effort. Within a short span of time, Fabletics saw more and more people opting in for this membership system. People found it convenient and also a good way to keep their wardrobes updated. To go a step further and to make the process even more convenient than it already is, the brand decided that they would integrate AI into their site to offer customers clothing options that they would like, based on what they are currently looking at, or what they have bought in the past.


Physical stores are one of the most critical aspects of the brand, as they offer a glimpse into their clothing outside the online realm as well. In typical Fabletics style, the brand decided that it would be good to make it seamlessly work with the online website by making the store more of a physical trial room. The brand tries always to make sure that only those options that are available in stores are shown on the website so that if the customer wants to go to the store and try it on, they can without having to wait for the stock to come back. These unique stores have an incredible turnover rate and have proven to be a brilliant step for Fabletics. The brand has also been able to do what most online marketplaces can only dream of doing, which is converting customers who are otherwise skeptical about online shopping. With this system, customers can try on what they want to buy to get a look and feel of the product and are therefore assured of what they will be getting.

Fabletics Shows People That They Can Find Their Unique Styles

People that are into fashion often want to look good in clothing. At the same time, people who have become very fashionable want to find their own style and be unique among people. Many stores that sell clothing do not enable people to do this. One of the reasons is because they do not pay all that much attention to the customers. They throw things into the stores and then look at what sells and then go from there. While this is fair enough, there is a deeper level that stores can go to in order to make sure that they are serving customers in the way they want.


One example of this is by using the power of the crowd. This is what Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does. While it does have a ton of unique styles for people, the biggest success factor for Fabletics is the attention it pays to its customers. From the first interaction on, the online fashion retailer gets opinions from customers and then offers products based on the data they get from their customers. Therefore, they have a more effective method for selling products which leaves very little left over compared to other stores.


Fabletics takes it even further in that it pays attention to the reviews and comments that customers have about the company. After all, the reputation and public opinion matters. If the majority of customers think that the company is not good, then it will limit the business of this company. Therefore, Fabletics does everything it can to take care of any concerns or issues that the customer has. Meanwhile, attention is paid to the quality and design of the products so that customers will find something that they are interested in. Customers who shop at Fabletics are going to find a lot of reasons to keep shopping there.


Fabletics is an example of a company that puts a lot of thought in how they address their customers. There is a lot of awareness in the trends not only in fashion but also in customer satisfaction. The founders of the brand, Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have looked at technology and how it is being used and have decided on the best course of action for their business. This has brought forth a more effective way of connecting with the customers and providing them with products that they would enjoy.

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Fabletics works with Demi Lovato to support Girls

Fabletics one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the United States. The company was established by Kate Hudson and has majored in the manufacture of activewear. The firm recently announced the formation of a partnership with Demi Lovato, who a Grammy award winning musician. This is the first collaboration that the company has made from the time that it was formed in 2013. Fabletics has been striving to ensure that all women have an active and healthy lifestyle despite size, age, ability, and shape. The company has now created a new collection that is called Demi Lovato for Fabletics. This clothing line is currently being released as a limited edition, and it will consist of a capsule collection that will improve the ability of Fabletics to focus on female empowerment and body positivity. Lovato’s music greatly inspires the Demi Lovato for Fabletics collections. The designs of the products also reflect her dedication to empowering women and providing outstanding styles. The formation of the clothing line will be beneficial to the partnership that Fabletics has formed with the United Nations Foundation’s project, Girl Up campaign. The campaign is devoted to encouraging young girls to offer help to other girls across the globe.


Demi Lovato is recognized for being a very vocal activist for body positivity. She spends about four hours of her day working out in the gym. The main products that her new collection offers include tops, jackets, leggings, and bras. Part of the revenue that the company will collect from retailing the athleisure wear will be provided to SchoolCycle. The organization is one of the major affiliates of the United Nations Population Fund. It has been ensuring that girls travel safely to schools by offering bicycles, spare parts, and maintenance services. Demi Lovato for Fabletics will be a limited edition until August 2017 when the full collection will be launched.


According to Kate Hudson, Fabletics collaborated with Demi Lovato because of her devotion and voice for female empowerment. Hudson also loves the intelligence that Lovato shows. Demi revealed that she was happy when the Fabletics co-founder requested her to collaborate with the company in the program. She said that she was excited to join efforts with a renowned fashion brand that supports her values and campaign. Lovato said that the new venture seems interesting to her since it involves the development of amazing fashion designs while helping girls across the globe. The funds that will be raised from her partnership with Fabletics will be supporting young girls to have a decent education, joy, and also empower them to be leaders in their communities. SchoolCycle is a global organization, and it currently benefits over 130 million girls across the globe.


Fabletics is regarded as one of the leading providers of activewear in the United States. The brand has taken over the online fashion sector, and it currently serves millions of subscribers across the United States. Fabletics makes sure that its products can be accessed by many women in the country, and therefore, it sells them discounted prices. The company retails its athleisure wear online and in brick and mortar stores.

Fabletics Sets Itself Apart As A Prominent Activewear Brand

Fabletics is a brand that has been making a splash in the pool of the activewear fashion market. With their creativity and innovation, they have adopted strategies which work extremely well in their favor, putting them at the top of the fashion game. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson in 2013 as an activewear and leisurewear brand. An advocator of a fit lifestyle, Kate Hudson was the perfect person to curate a brand that offered men, women, and kids everywhere comfortable and stylish activewear.


Since its inception, Fabletics has grown as a brand and reached various astonishing milestones that only a few brands can hope to achieve in such a short span of time. Since 2013, the brand’s value has gone up significantly, and the brand is now worth an estimated $250M. One of the reasons the brand has been able to grow so much so fast is owing to the product that they offer their shoppers. Customers get to pick their clothing according to their body type and choice of activity, along with their style and fit preferences. By doing this, Fabletics gives its customers products that are tailored to fit their needs and styles perfectly. In short, Fabletics offers their clients exactly what they would want from their activewear.


Fabletics started out as an online store and continues to maintain that platform as their primary marketplace. Fabletics has faced stiff competition from competitors like Amazon who currently have significant control over the market. Even then, Fabletics has fought through the competition and emerged as a leading activewear brand, whose name stands among the biggest in the fashion industry.


Fabletics works on a membership plan, a market strategy that has been tried and tested by some of the largest brands in the market. They aim for their customers signing up for their membership plan, to keep their sales up and name running. Customers can choose what they would like to receive from a range of multiple plans and then opt for the one they like the best. After that, customers receive a set of activewear every month delivered to their home. By doing so, Fabletics is still getting their products across to people who might not have enough time to shop, but still want to get the best in fashion and look beautiful, even at the gym. People no longer have to browse through multiple stores to find a new outfit every month. Instead, they receive new clothes, without fail, with little to no effort.


Fabletics does their research well. They know what their customers want, and always come through with giving them just that. For a better understanding of their customers, Fabletics has some customer research tools in place so that they can serve their customers to their maximum potential. Fabletics believes in having an extremely high quality of customer service.


In 2015, the brand opened up numerous stores across the country to let customers try on the clothes they see online. The store was merely an additional customer service tool for customers and existed solely to allow them to try on the clothes to get a feel of them better.

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Chris Burch Believes In Creative Productivity

Chris Burch believes in being creative as well as productive. He says that it is possible to deliver the best of both in your job. The concepts of creativity, as well as productivity, are interrelated. The time spent in envisioning ideas is not time wasted. In fact, just racing in order to meet end goals can stifle the creative process. Rather than alienating these two important components in any business, it is better to develop an appropriate collaboration between them.

Chris Burch takes the same concept to technology and fashion. Both are changing, and both are in accordance with each other. In fact, both can rely on each other. There are many examples to prove this.

Wearing glasses has never been fashionable. In fact, this was a fact that had to be faced by Google Glass too. To counter this situation, fashion designers made models wear glasses on the catwalk. Now anything that is worn on the catwalk is seen as trendy and stylish. This way fashion came to the rescue of technology. This works the other way too.

All this is about blending creativity with productivity. The problem comes only when people are spending too much time on any one task. This may mean scheduling the brainstorming sessions. This may not sound very enterprising, but doing so can help in preventing thinking from impeding into implementing it. This would mean that in the case of a project to tackle, there must be scheduling of a brainstorming session for an appropriate period. Then it is time to move on to its next phase of development.

Technology and fashion have to work together. This is all about exchanging ideas with each other. This is a process that plays an important role in this fusion. After all, ideas cannot exist in space anymore. These ideas have to be kept in mind when producing.

Technology plays an important role in fashion. There have been recycled materials being used in fashion. Inner tubes of bicycles are being recycled to create jackets. This way technology is helping fashion to stay eco-friendly too. The recycled copper from radiators is being used to make gowns. Hence technology is leading to innovation in a completely unique way. This is not all. Clothes are being made that retain a lot of kinetic energy. Hence these can help to charge the mp3 player of the wearer, and so on.