Why Sheldon Lavin Has Been Able To Make OSI Industries Highly Competitive For Over 40 Years

The food distribution and specifically meat processing industry is one of the most competitive in America and being able to compete with big chains like Tyson Food and Perdue Farms is not easy. But that’s what OSI Industries has been able to do under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has not only become an expert in leading innovation in meat flavor and production but he also has focused on how to make OSI a great place to work. Lavin values recognizing leaders in other companies, and in one of his most recent deals with Flagship Europe in the UK, he asked their current CEO Russell Maddock to stay on and continue doing what he’s done best. Lavin has been at OSI Group for a long time and is over 80 years old, but he’s vowed as long as he can do his job he will because he loves the people at the company.

Sheldon Lavin didn’t know much about meat processing or its technology, but he was very good with money. He had been an advisor at a Chicago investment bank and was running a consulting company when he got to know Otto & Sons, the previous name of OSI Industries. Lavin originally worked with the company to help obtain bank loans as they sought to build processing and logistics centers to supply meat to McDonald’s restaurants, but he became substantially more involved as he became an executive with the company. He had at first declined any ownership interest in the company because the financial world was what he knew best, but the Otto & Sons owners believed turning the company over to him would be in its best interests for the future. So Lavin gladly accepted when the company was renamed to OSI Industries, and he began its growth in 1978.

OSI Industries is listed in the top 100 of total food processing companies and the top 10 in the meat sector with over 50 plants in operation, 17 countries they’re housed in and over 60 that they provide service to. Lavin learned a lot from the company’s initial owners and even though technology and profits have grown the company substantially, he’s never wavered from the roots of family business and expressing care for employees and customers alike. Lavin also has used his influence at the company to advocate for and support charities that help needy communities in the company’s hometown of Chicago and around the world including organizations like the Boys & Girls Club, the Jewish United Fund, the Multiple Sclerosis Institute and the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Lavin was honored a few years ago at the North American Meat Institute gathering with the Edward C. Jones award for community service.

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OSI group is an international supplier or provider of quality food products and solutions to food issues of the world. The company’s headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois. OSI group has been known for years to offer beyond compare resources and reach. Being a privately owned holding company, this has highly contributed to its popularity, having more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. The group has created over 20000 employments in all these countries up to date. Some of the jobs it offers include Accounting clerk, Quality Assurance manager, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Benefits assistant and many more. It works on a mission to ensure that customers receive a quality experience in terms of products throughout the world. Because of this reason, worlds’ top food companies enjoy working hand in hand with OSI to sell their products.

The group’s origin can be tracked to 1909. It was founded by Otto Kolschowskey, a German immigrant, who started a meat supplier company in Illinois. The group was initially referred to as Otto and Son. The meat supplier company became very successful and Kolschowskey decided to expand into a wholesale meat trade. This forced him to relocate to a larger space in Maywood in 1917. From here, Otto and sons gained a local popularity and reputation for offering best quality meat in the area.

It is believed that Otto and Sons got their breakthrough in 1955. This was when McDonald’s started up their first store in Illinois and gave OSI group a contract to be their main meat supplier. McDonald’s and the OSI group had a healthy business relationship attributed to the fact that Kolschowskey and Ray Croc, the founder of McDonald’s, had a good personal relationship. The contract by McDonald’s changed the OSI group positively on a financial basis. Ever since then, the group has worked towards bringing diversity to the food industry making grow to the group or company that is known today.

As one of the countries that OSI has extended to, China‘s economy has grown with the involvement of the group. OSI has also recently launched and announced plans for seven new processing and production facilities around the world. Some of the products supplied by OSI include poultry, pork, fish, beef, pizza and vegetable products just to mention but a few. By winning several awards such as The 2016 Globe of Honor award, it is quite evident that OSI group has really changed the face of food industry in the world.

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PodcastOne New App is an Important Achievement

According to the article on GcReport.com, recently, PodcastOne introduced mobile software for helping listeners enjoy the audio programs of the network in new ways. It added 360-degree video recordings plus various interactive social functions. The users benefit the capability to communicate with fellow listeners and host easily. PodcastOne is offering the app for free available on Google Play, its website, and APPle’s App Store.


This new application lets users listen as well as watch a wide variety of shows. They could also contribute to discussions about particular programs. The app offers access to popular articles as well as interesting photographs that cannot be found in other places on the internet. Also, it is possible to answer survey inquiries as well as send personal messages to fellow listeners. PodcastOne has also integrated its brand-new system of reward into the mobile software.


The members could accumulate points and then exchange them for various bonus features plus services. They could use these earnings to watch special virtual-reality programs, obtain discounts on products, or even view other exclusive material (http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2015/aug/16/radio-turns-ear-demand/). To develop videos with high-quality in virtual reality as well as 360-degree formats, PodcastOne has built a partnership with a company called Mandt VR. The two firms have already created more than 1,000 video recordings. That massive library makes listeners able to experience podcasts that are their favorite in a manner that is more immersive.


Every week, Mandt VR and PodcastOne add content to the collection. It’s featuring programs like “Reasonable Doubt,”“Forbes Under 30,” ” “Laila Ali Lifestyle,”“Mohr Stories,”“Dr. Drew,” and more.The virtual reality, as well as 360-degree videos, do not allow only let people view programs that are recorded in studios, but they also give the members the opportunity of watching a live show or an event in new ways. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity


The first host to use this ability was Adam Carolla. With internet connectivity, viewers could view those videos from any location. The founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, made remarks about the development, he described the completion of the app as a significant achievement.


About Norman Pattiz


In the year 2010, Norman founded and started Courtside Entertainment Group for producing and distributing quality programming. Realizing the untapped opportunities that are in the industry of audio-on-demand, at the end of 2012, Norman launched PodcastOne. The company rapidly became the leading distributor/producer in the programming of audio-on-demand. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Norman and President Bush reappointed him to serve on the BBG of the U.S.


Eric Pulier Has Become One Of The Worlds Most Intuitive Entrepreneurs

In a world of incredible entrepreneurs Eric Pulier lights up the sky. He was recognized by President Clinton, became a published author, a generous philanthropist, a charismatic public speaker, an on-target technologist, and a successful entrepreneur. His inventions have received awards and his capabilities are remarkable. He simply finds better ways of doing things. Eric Pulier has had a fascination for computers since he was in the fourth grade. This was when he began developing Eric Pulier’s skills in programming. His innovations and interest in technology have been obvious since he was a child.

Eric Pulier had already mastered database concepts before he attended Harvard. Prior to the knowledge being a concept, the public was aware of he had already created a database company. After he had graduated he focused on technological innovations. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a future in technology armed with his magna cum laude degree in American Literature and English. Early in the 1990’s he created People Doing Things which focused on uses of technology on education and healthcare. He soon followed with numerous entrepreneurial startups.

Eric Pulier believes the key to anyone reaching their full potential is persistence. He believes making contributions to better society brings joy, purpose, and peace and that true success is investing in something important. He has committed his life to helping people and wants to improve the world. He has created and stood behind many philanthropic causes that benefit children. He has helped children fighting diseases forgot about their problems for a while and enjoy some happiness.

Eric Pulier’s life has been a successful quest to become an entrepreneur of technology. His ventures have met the goals of commercial businesses and charities. One of his more recent ventures is vAtomic Systems and he is serving the businesses as the CEO. As a perfectionist, he spends time growing his startup companies and engages with his community. His latest project involves the development of a digital asset for mobile devices with cloud computing. The company is tracking how many digital products are purchased and make it easier to trade them in online.

Eric Pulier surrounds himself with the brightest and best associates. He has established a group of experienced professionals in technology for vAtomic capable of digitizing anything including services, goods, and discounts for interactive digital experiences. This is the first company to merge the digital and physical worlds in the creation of newer levels of engagement. Eric Pulier does not believe it is possible to know when an idea will lead to another one but believes the consideration is important. He feels concepts are often connected by links that are far from obvious and learning new information can assist in the process.

Eric Pulier Helped With The Y2K Transition

The transition to the year 2000 was quite a scare for many people, and the Clinton administration allowed Eric Pulier to help the government make the best of the situation. He is now known for the incredible enterprise technology work he has done, and he built something that changed the world at a time of great peril. This article explains how Eric created a safe place for the computers of America to change to a new century.

#1: How Did Eric Come To Hold So Much Importance?

Eric designed the enterprise technology that is now known as the government enterprise interface used in many departments. He has the reins of the industry in his hands. and everyone in government was changing over to his systems when the Y2K change took place. He was asked onto the transition team to ensure a smooth change for everyone, and he ensured the change would take place on the best terms for everyone.

#2: How Does Enterprise Technology Change The World?

Enterprise technology is used by businesses to connect business machine sin the field to their central systems. Central computers are quite helpful as they provide all the information for a field worker, and the field workers may offer fine customer service to everyone they meet. The systems themselves are simple to install, and Eric improves businesses every year as he upgrades the systems.

#3: What Is The Power Eric’s Innovation?

Eric’s innovation helps to pull together the most modern technology of the day with what businesses must do to serve customers. A customer who receives service through an enterprise system feels as though everything was simplified, and Eric helps ensure everyone in need of a new avenue of income will find it when deploying computers with his software.

The career of Eric Pulier is quite a powerful one that has helped the world’s businesses improve many times over. He has chosen a path that helps the world economy grow, and every business that uses the same technology will ensure customers are pleased with their service while increasing their bottom line at the same time.


Getting to Know Eric Lefkofsky & how he Uses his Success to Help

Some people know Eric Lefkofsky as a charitable spirit, who hopes to leave a positive mark on the world in any way that he can. These people know that this man has dedicated both time and money to several causes around the world that affect children. One thing that Eric Lefkofsky is known for is The Lefkofsky Foundation. This is a charitable trust that he and his wife created early on in their marriage. Many of the people who know the couple well know that they are kindred spirits who understand just how important it is to focus on scientific and educational programs for the youth of the world.


Lefkofsky finished school and received his Doctor of Jurisprudence, but his eyes were set on being a self-made entrepreneur. The first thing that he tried to do when he was young was start a t-shirt company with his long-time partner and friend. The young men were not sure if the endeavorer would be a success. The company did not make them rich, but it did give them a relatively small return. Both men decided to set their eyes on bigger fish.


One thing that Lefkofsky considered was how important the internet was becoming to people. Millions of people depend on the web for everything, from finding a job to purchasing property. The internet has revolutionized the way everything is conducted. This was a revolution that Lefkofsky wanted to take advantage of, but he was not sure how to do so until he got his next big idea. Everyone knows this idea as Groupon, and it is perhaps one of the largest smartphone applications and sites for group coupon sharing. Others have attempted to mimic the company but none have reached its level of success.


This site put Lefkofsky’s worth at about $1.7 billion dollars and gave him the opportunity to focus on other things he wanted to concentrate on. For example, his philanthropic work really took off when he married his wife. His wife’s name is Elizabeth, but he calls her Liz. He has three children with his wife. The big-hearted couple may be driven by their own wish for a better and more educated society, or it could be that their drive is fueled by their love for their children. The answer to that rests within their hearts, but the fact remains that many people are thankful that they are involved in philanthropy.


Lefkofsky has given money to organizations that try to advance education in urban locations like Chicago. He wants children to start learning how to manage their money correctly. The program that Lefkofsky sponsors in the city of Chicago is called Moneythink. This programs provides inner-city children with financial experts who help them understand how to manage their money while taking things like education, housing, and retirement into consideration.


The Lefkofskys also help other causes they believe in by donating to organizations like Medical Missions for Children. This organization helps bring health to millions and millions of children around the world. Lefkofsky is probably proud of his success in the entrepreneurial industry, but it may be possible that his success only opened the door to what was really in his heart, which is to help.

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How Livio Bisterzo is Changing the Snack World In More Ways Than One

If you haven’t tried Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs, then you’re missing out on a great addition to a healthy snacking diet, and more importantly, a snack that gives back to the community and the environment on Twitter. This 100 calorie, fiber- and protein-packed snack foods are produced from chickpeas grown by the Farm Africa Charity in Sub-Saharan Africa. Community owned farms are able to generate needed income for villagers to support their families, and because chickpeas release nitrogen into the atmosphere, which contributes to soil fertility, they are an eco-friendly crop. Hippeas is an organic, and totally vegan snack, that is available in a range of delicious flavors, like Sriracha Sunrise, Maple Haze, and Vegan White Cheddar, making the perfect addition to children’s lunch boxes or that afternoon snack at work.

The brand ‘Hippeas’, (a homonym of the word ‘hippies’), was purposely selected to signify its own social conscience direction. World issues, such as poverty, climate change, carbon footprint, and economic development, are central to the core mission of this snack food producer. Founded by Livio Bisterzo, an innovator in the food and beverage industry, he has maintained a steady focus on building consumer brands that have a meaningful purpose in improving the lives of growers and consumers. Interestingly, Mr. Bisterzo has managed to partner the serious side of the food industry with a lighthearted, even humorous snack – as the puffed chickpeas are shaped in that iconic 60’s smiley face grin.

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Not surprising, Hippeas’ originality, its ‘good for you’ ingredients, and their sustainable environment platform caught the eye of Starbucks. They have included the gluten-free snack as a grab-and-go option on the company’s distinctive menu. Yet, Livio Bisterzo isn’t surprised at all, having worked hard for over seven years in the natural food industry, he realized the growing international trend towards eating well while sustaining the environment, is not simply a fad, but a new way of living well and aging well.

While having a successful snack product on the market is a worthwhile venture, Livio Bisterzo takes a much greater pride in the social mission that gives back to eastern African communities. This part of the Africa must support 218 million citizens living in rural poverty and operates in an agricultural deficit. Closing the income gap is made possible by private industries helping to transition third world economies that have been curtailed by outdated colonial political systems and internal warfare. And it is for these reasons that all Americans should support brands such as Hippeas; helping to change the snack world in more ways than one.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo: http://hippeas.com

Swiss Startup Factory Growing Tremendously under the Leadership of Mike Baur

Mike Baur, the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, currently serves as its CEO. Baur’s duties include overseeing the investment strategy of the company as well as its daily operations. He uses his extensive experience to advise both institutional and individual investors on how to establish successful business empires and help them to continue making wise investment decisions. Before co-founding Swiss Start-up Factory, Baur had a thriving career in the Swiss Private Banking sector. Despite starting as a commercial intern at UBS, Baur managed to rise through ranks and became an executive board member of the established Swiss Private Bank.

Educational background

Academic wise, Mike Baur is well established. He earned his MBA from the University of Rochester New York. He proceeded to join the University of Bern and graduated with an Executive MBA. Mike Baur strongly supports educational causes and advises the youths to excel in the academic before venturing into business.


Baur decided to venture into private business in 2014. Together with his two partners, they started the Swiss Startup Factory, a leading independent and confidentially financed ICT Startup with its main offices in Switzerland.

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Medientechnologie von morgen

Factual details on Swiss Startup Factory

The Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory specializes in identifying talented digital entrepreneurs and offering them exciting opportunities. Since the company has strong business ties with various established business and high net worth individuals in Switzerland as well as across the globe, it enables fresh startups to tap into new market opportunities. It provides alternative sources of capital to the ambitious young entrepreneurs.

The company conducts an accelerator program, which runs for a span of three months. Through the accelerator program, it offers a unique avenue of services, mentoring, entrepreneurial network, coaching, as well an office space strategically located in Zurich.

Improving customer service

Swiss Startup Factory aims at offering exceptional services and helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. In line with this goal, the firm acquired the services of Michael Hartweg, an accomplished business executive and co-founder of Leonteg to not only offer investment advice, but also serve as an investor in firms that have goals of establishing successful businesses in the corporate market. Hartweg will invest specifically in few startups launched from within the Swiss Startup Factory. Additionally, he will coach founders and firms that have ventured into Fintech business.

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