Dogs Are Omnivores!

Beneful is one of the leading brands in dog food. It features original, puppy, playful life, Incredibites for small dogs, and wet dog food, among other things. The original blend uses farm raised beef, chicken, and fish for part of its ingredients. The puppy chow is designed specifically for puppies. It includes Beneful’s usual ingredients of meat, whole grains, and vegetables, plus an addition of DHA. DHA is a helpful ingredient to improve puppies eyesight and brain. It has the same ingredients as the original blend. Last but not least, Purina Beneful offers wet dog food. It features more wet food Incredibites as well blended food. The blended versions has 6 varieties, lamb, chicken liver, turkey, salmon, beef, and chicken. Then there are the Medleys. These medleys include Tuscan Style, Romana, and Mediterranean. The wet food variety continues to include Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Simmered Beef Entree, Simmered Chicken Medley, Simmered Beef and Chicken Medley, and Roasted Chicken Recipe. Beneful also makes treats [] and dog snacks that are good pet reward. All of these recipes include a whole grain, one variety of vegetable, and of course meat. All these products are available on supermarkets like Walmart.

Purina Beneful has done its research on dogs and what they need to eat. They state that dogs are actually omnivores- they eat meat and other things too. They base their recipes on a healthy, balanced diet for canines so that they can lead long enjoyable lives. Beneful utilizes real chunks of meat in its brand as well as real vegetables and grains.

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