Highland Capital Management Steps up Position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund

The Texas based finance firm Highland Capital Management has recently upped its position in the Nexpoint Credit Stategies Fund. According to the SEC, the fund now has a total of 793,096 shares which consists of a total of 5% of common stock. The SEC has also revealed that Highland Capital Management co founder James Dondero owns over 3 million of the shares of Nexpoint Credit Strategies. Highland Capital Management currently owns over $11 million worth of Nexpoint’s shares as well. As a result of this, Highland Capital Management is now the largest stakeholder of this company after Morgan Stanley who own over $16 million worth of shares. Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund is currently managed by Nexpoint Advisors which is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management.


Highland Capital Management is run and owned by James Dondero. He co founded the firm back in the year 1993 and has built it into one of the top investment firms in the United States. The firm has a considerable worldwide presence as it has office locations in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea. Dondero’s firm specializes in providing large institutional investors with assistance in managing billions of dollars worth of assets. James and his firm Highland Capital Management provide a number of ways to help their clients. The firm offers hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and also private equity securities With these options, Highland Capital has been able to help a number of these investors more efficiently manage their financial assets.


James Dondero held a number of positions in the finance field before starting up his own firm. He first began his career as a credit investor and analyst. This allowed James the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of asset management. Once he left this position, he would advance to higher positions with more responsibility. Dondero would eventually attain the position as chief investment officer in which he would manage up to $2 billion worth of assets for companies such as American Express. Prior to working in the finance industry, James attended the University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance. He would graduate from the university with top honors.



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