James Bopp The Guy Behind The End Citizens United

James Bopp is the man behind the success of the Citizens United. When appearing before a federal judge in January, Bopp was made a laughing stalk by all those present. His lawyer was submitting to a three judge bench that his client; the Citizens United should be allowed to play a movie featuring presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The primary focus is on the manner and conduct of Democrats presidential primaries.

In the film, Citizen United had portrayed Mrs. Clinton as a ruthless European socialist and a political schemer. The federal elections body had prevented the petitioner from airing the film in any way until the primaries are conducted and completed. The ban was imposed because the movie was quite long-90 minutes- and there was no specification on the person responsible for making its payments. James Bopp had argued that the film was not in any way different from the typical 60 minutes movie. He argued that as the content creator, the Citizens United deserved to get the first amendment protections from the court. It is at this juncture that the resident judge, US District judge, Lamberth protested while laughing. He argues that the said video could not be compared to a one hour film.

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And two years later, the Supreme Court overturned Lamberth decision. The Supreme Court also seemed to buy all the arguments of James Bopp. The decision set an interesting precedent that changed how campaigns in the United States are funded.

The Citizens United is a reflection of dedication and commitment by James Bopp to make an impact in the country finance regulations. Some of these rules had been set in very obscure cases making the chances of Bopp winning even harder. Despite his achievement so far, Bopp claims he is not yet done, he wants to see that every campaign finance regulation is completely dismantled.

The End Citizens United acts as a political committee. Its primary activity is to oversee that only the required amount of resources are channeled to the campaign process. The company has been able to realize funding on its own, for the last few years. In the fourth quarter, the firm has managed to get over $4 million, and the management hopes that the amount will grow higher with time. It is estimated that the group will have raised $35 million by the time elections will be held in the coming year.

In the last quarter, over 100000 people have made their contributions. Almost half of this population is supporting PAC for the first time. The large subscription rates from the members of public show the trust levels that citizens have entrusted the company. According to the management of the company, the group hopes that campaign financing will sanitize even in congress.