David Giertz Well-Known Financial Advisor and Analyst in the United States

David Giertz is a financial executive to reckon with in the corporate world of the United States. He has been active in the field of finance for over 30 years and is known to share his views and expression about the financial market trends on various news channels. He currently serves as the President of Nationwide Financial’s distribution arm. The strategies implemented by David Giertz have helped the company to grow its sale from $11 Billion to over $17 Billion. He is also a business coach and is affiliated with the World Association of Business Coaches.

David Giertz has in the past worked with the Citigroup as well, and his performance with all the organizations he has worked for made him one of the most sought-after business executive in the industry. He has done Bachelor in Science from the famous Millikin University and has completed MBA from the University of Miami. David Giertz has featured on many popular business news channels like CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ, and others. David Giertz in an interview to WSJ recently said that the financial advisors should suggest the people not to exclude social security with their investment and retirement planning as it can lead to a significant economic loss in the future.

David Giertz said people should plan their retirement planning much earlier in their life and keep making modifications from time to time to ensure that it would be meeting its financial goals in the future. As many people do not understand the importance of social security in the retirement planning, he aims to create awareness about it to ensure that people discuss it with their financial advisor and keep it as a part of their portfolio. David Giertz is also associated with FINRA as industry arbitrator. In the past, he was on the Board of Directors at Girl Scouts of Broward County.

Tony Petrello- A man of unique abilities

Anthony Petrello is a philanthropist and a business manager. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a firm in the drilling industry. It is a firm that he joined about two decades ago. Since he joined, he has given it a new push. He has managed to get it out of a medium player in the drilling industry to becoming the biggest in the world. Anthony Petrello has worked very hard to change the company. He brought in measures that would make the operations of the company expand. Anthony Petrello brilliance in business management has led to the company achieving huge profits. As a sign of appreciation, Anthony Petrello is among the highest paid CEO in the world.

Anthony Petrello joined the business world with one plan. He was ready to succeed. Having shown huge abilities in the previous careers. He was determined to show the world that you can make it even without academic qualifications in a certain field. Anthony Petrello does not hold any academic papers in the business related course. He is a holder of degrees in law and mathematics. This has not hindered his ability to make the company grow. He has managed to bring innovations that many business executives do not have. Anthony Petrello brilliance has left many in awe. He has managed to outsmart experienced business executive who boasts of academic qualifications related to business degrees. The Real Story Behind Anthony Petrello’s Success as CEO of Nabors Industries

His ability to change the company proves that in business, what is more, important are the skills and innovative ideas. Anthony Petrello has changed the company single-handedly. He has brought in experts in the drilling industry who have made it possible for him to implement the ideas that he has since he is not an expert in drilling technology. Nabors industries today employs a huge workforce of more than thirty thousand employees. It is one of the biggest employers in Texas.

Anthony Petrello has managed to take the operations of this company to more than 20 countries all over the world. He is leading the company’s expansion of its drilling operations in all fields that have oil and natural gas natural resources. Its operations are on almost all the continents. Anthony Petrello was appointed the CEO of this company in 2011. His new position has enabled him to stamp is authority even better. The company is now making huge profits than ever before when he is the overall head of the company. It is clear that under his management the future of Nabors industries rests on safe hands. Every Dollar to Newark Academy’s Rise & Flourish Campaign Matched in 2017

The Journey of Modernity in Brazilian Medicine, with Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll Neto is one of the most important businessmen and entrepreneurs of medicine in Brazil, being the co-founder and President of the biggest network of private hospitals in the entire country, the D’Or Network.

He is also the president of the Administration Council of the D’Or São Luiz Network, and has already spoken about the future of medicine for Brazil countless times.

In his mind, the future and the improvement lies in the use of innovative technologies and techniques to improve what the Brazilian professionals, doctors, and medics can do. The use of new tools and gadgets can drastically improve the performance that some treatments have, and their efficiency in treating a disease. It can open doors for new therapies and the development of new researches on diseases and the human body. According to Jorge Moll Neto, the use of new technology is the bridge to success. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

His opinion is held very firmly by the other entrepreneurs who gave their voices on the matter. He is simply the co-founder of D’Or, which has 32 hospitals scattered across national territory, and is also a cardiologist with decades of experience in his craft.

Know more: http://www.idor.org/nossa-equipe

Having started his journey through medicine in the big Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, he was always an idealist, a dreamer. Having achieved his goals of being a cardiologist, he never stopped in the middle of the road. Newer equipment arrived for the young Jorge Moll Neto, and his work was made more comfortable. That has happened countless times, and cardiologists nowadays are much more efficient because of the ever-growing technology that the world produces.

As an entrepreneur, Jorge Moll has visited each one of his hospitals, and continues to do so on a weekly basis. The introduction of new technology and improved tools is always a time for celebration. It always means that, in some way or another, a patient will have a better experience because of the introduction of that new solution.

Having experienced the downfall of Rio de Janeiro as the “center of medicine in Brazil,” back in the 20th century, Jorge Moll speaks about how he thinks it is necessary to keep up with modernity. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

PodcastOne New App is an Important Achievement

According to the article on GcReport.com, recently, PodcastOne introduced mobile software for helping listeners enjoy the audio programs of the network in new ways. It added 360-degree video recordings plus various interactive social functions. The users benefit the capability to communicate with fellow listeners and host easily. PodcastOne is offering the app for free available on Google Play, its website, and APPle’s App Store.


This new application lets users listen as well as watch a wide variety of shows. They could also contribute to discussions about particular programs. The app offers access to popular articles as well as interesting photographs that cannot be found in other places on the internet. Also, it is possible to answer survey inquiries as well as send personal messages to fellow listeners. PodcastOne has also integrated its brand-new system of reward into the mobile software.


The members could accumulate points and then exchange them for various bonus features plus services. They could use these earnings to watch special virtual-reality programs, obtain discounts on products, or even view other exclusive material (http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2015/aug/16/radio-turns-ear-demand/). To develop videos with high-quality in virtual reality as well as 360-degree formats, PodcastOne has built a partnership with a company called Mandt VR. The two firms have already created more than 1,000 video recordings. That massive library makes listeners able to experience podcasts that are their favorite in a manner that is more immersive.


Every week, Mandt VR and PodcastOne add content to the collection. It’s featuring programs like “Reasonable Doubt,”“Forbes Under 30,” ” “Laila Ali Lifestyle,”“Mohr Stories,”“Dr. Drew,” and more.The virtual reality, as well as 360-degree videos, do not allow only let people view programs that are recorded in studios, but they also give the members the opportunity of watching a live show or an event in new ways. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/norman-pattiz#/entity


The first host to use this ability was Adam Carolla. With internet connectivity, viewers could view those videos from any location. The founder of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, made remarks about the development, he described the completion of the app as a significant achievement.


About Norman Pattiz


In the year 2010, Norman founded and started Courtside Entertainment Group for producing and distributing quality programming. Realizing the untapped opportunities that are in the industry of audio-on-demand, at the end of 2012, Norman launched PodcastOne. The company rapidly became the leading distributor/producer in the programming of audio-on-demand. In 2000, President Clinton appointed Norman and President Bush reappointed him to serve on the BBG of the U.S.


The Guidelines Don Ressler Employs in His Businesses Including JustFab

In running successful businesses, entrepreneurs like Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have a culture they inculcate in their staff along with operational principles that are crucial to the realization of company targets. Don Ressler and his business colleague Adam Goldenberg are keen on laying this foundation in their business engagements.


Openness and Accountability


Like any wise businessman, Ressler and Adam make their staff feel right at home. They encourage them to make decisions as though they were the owners of the business. They feel that once staff in leadership is thus motivated, they are not limited in creativity and in delivery. At the same time staff is expected to be open and accountable for their decisions and actions. Personal improvement is something Ressler deems important to staff in his enterprises. Apart from prioritizing personal growth, Ressler also encourages reduced bureaucracy in the work place.


Easy Like Sunday Morning


Synergy in the work place is realized when workers feel at ease in the office and operate in a friendly atmosphere. Light hearted experiences are encouraged since they motivate staff and make work days something to look forward to as opposed to being viewed as a nagging chore that must be done. This is the atmosphere that staff at both TechStyle and JustFab enjoys.




Innovation is the backbone of progress and change. In order for staff to tap into their creative selves, they not only require motivation, but they must also be passionate about what they do. Without passion, Ressler feels that employees cannot deliver excellence in their assignments.


Applying Oneself


Without hard work, set goals cannot be realized. Ressler and Adam are serious about this quality. Hard workers are the building blocks of empires. Without hard work and team work success cannot be realized in team sports and in companies such as Ressler’s and Adam’s. Company success is a team sport and therefore everyone has to apply themselves in order for the company to realize yearly goals.


JustFab Funding


JustFab was registered in Mid-March of 2010. This was Adam and Ressler new investment. It did not take long for the company to grow after consulting with Matrix Partners JustFab made $33 million more. The company also received more funds from ‘Rho Ventures’ and later ‘Technology Crossover Ventures’. Later, JustFab’s business was also boosted by the contribution of ‘Intelligent Beauty’. This timely contribution propelled JustFab to international waters. JustFab is now licensed to operate in Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. http://www.builtinla.com/member/adam-goldenberg


Kate Hudson Teams Up With Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler To Drive Fabletics Forward

Don Ressler is a United States-based serial entrepreneur behind a wide range of successful startups in the industry. Don Ressler has also founded and sold more than five beauty and other subsidiary companies in the country. After founding FitnessHeaven as his first startup in the United States, Don Ressler sold the company to Intermix Media in 2001. Don Ressler decided to team up with the 19-year-old Adam Goldenberg who was the CEO of Intermix. The two founded the Alena Media Company. The performing and e-commerce advertisement division generated millions of dollars in revenue. This means that it was the profit center of Intermix Media Company.


News Corp acquired Intermix in 2005. During that time, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg found themselves watching the successful and profitable success of the e-commerce business that was developed being ignored by the large media conglomerate News Corp. because the workers of the company were also frustrated, they left to pursue new opportunities in business and stature. While they knew they had the opportunity to perform online through numerous performing adverts, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to embark on the creation of a brand enterprise that could be executed autonomously. While they gathered a group of former team members, the two individuals planned on a new expedition that would see them achieve better business in the industry. They worked together to brainstorm on a possible achievement they would develop for better business in a manner that depicts their true leadership in the industry. They settled on the development of Brand Ideas that emanated from the beauty venture. JustFab was created as a result of that thought.


JustFab is turning a new leaf in the industry. The company is now changing its name to the new TechStyle Fashion Group. The renaming of the company would work to emphasize the root pillars that mark its growth. JustFab is a company that uses technology to advocate for better business in the fashion industry. When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg co-founded JustFab, they wanted to revolutionize the shopping environment through technology and animations. While the company has always stayed together with their vision, they have also transformed into one of the most powerful entities that are hungry for achievement and use of technology. The new name that marks the new corporate identity for the company captures the essence of what the company talks about. JustFab is now one of the new companies that have joined the Silicon Valley technology avenue. https://www.tvguide.com/celebrities/don-ressler/credits/509223/

Don Ressler Advances His Inspiration Among Upcoming Entrepreneurs To Pursue Their Dreams

Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur who has been inspiring young entrepreneurs from across the world to make their first step. He has been in the world of business for over 15 years and all the businesses he started are today stable companies that serve big markets like the U.S. and Europe.


He began his journey in entrepreneurship when he launched FitnessHeaven.com, which specialized in the sale of fitness products. Being his first company, he had to work on putting FitnessHeaven.com on the map of success but this was not easy because he lacked the needed skills and experience.


With dedication and passion to his work, he pushed for the development of the company, which continued to provide unique products. At the time he founded FitnessHeaven.com, few people appreciated and understood how online stores operated. Don Ressler learnt a lot of things among them methods of overcoming competition and challenges that come with running a business in an already established industry.


Alena Media

In 2001, he made a decision to sell the company so he could pursue another better idea. He was approached by Intermix Media and they acquired the company in the same year. During the transaction, he came across Alan Goldenberg, whose dreams were similar to those of Don Ressler. They both were inspired by the similarity and they agreed to partner to form businesses.


The duo kicked off their journey with Alena Media, a company that helped businesses to market their products. Within three years of running, Alena Media was already raking in millions in revenue from advertising. This success allowed them to draft new ideas and in 2005, they sold Alena Media to News Corp.


Intelligent Beauty

After selling Alena Media, Alan and Don Ressler launched Intelligent Beauty in 2008. The company has been operational since then and is among their best-performing businesses.


JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group)

In 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg made a major move that saw them launch JustFab, a subscription retail that offers beauty products in various categories. JustFab was funded several times to grow to its current stable level.


The first funding was acquired from Matrix Ventures in 2011 and amounted to $33 million, which was used to construct the infrastructure of the company. In 2012, JustFab received $76 million from different venture capitals, among them Rho Ventures and Matrix Ventures. The money was used to develop the company to enter into other regions namely Canada, the UK and Germany. https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618

Adam Goldenberg: Data-Driven Fashion

While it is very fun to watch people come out with tons of different designs, the one company that is going to rise above all the other designers is the one who pays attention to what the customers want. The way that it does this is by collecting data. It is very important for companies to collect data on what is selling because to have some unsold items is going to cost the company money. This is why it is very important to make sure that the data on the sales is analyzed. It takes a person with special talents to be able to do that.


Among the people who handles the data is Adam Goldenberg. He is involved in the fashion industry. He is also part of the movement that is trying to bring all kinds of variety to the customers so that they can enjoy their own style. One thing that he understands is that different people have different tastes. Therefore, he wants to make sure that he provides for as many different tastes as possible. This is one of the best ways to build a loyal customer base. People tend to gravitate towards fashion retailers that supply what they like.


Fabletics does more than just supply people with the clothes they like. They also help their customers discover new styles that they like even better than their previous styles. One good thing about keeping in touch with customer data like Adam Goldenberg is that he not only knows what the customers want based on the one item they buy, but he also knows how to look at their purchasing habits so that they can anticipate what sets of items to include in their next campaign.


One of the best aspects of this trend is the personalized aspect of fashion. When people are getting clothes that they individually want, they are going to be more interested in what else is there for them. Adam Goldenberg has the right idea when it comes to fashion. He tries to provide for individuals as opposed to the group as a whole. http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Work to Take Over Athletic Market

Since Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg both started working together, they have been coming up with new ways that they can be successful and have been helping people with the options that they have in their own business. They want to make sure that they are getting the best experience possible and that they are going to be able to make a lot of profits from the options that they have. This is something that the men are interested in because they want to make the market better and want to show people what they can get out of different things.


While most people may not have heard of either Don Ressler or Adam Goldenberg, the chances are that they have heard of their company, Fabletics. This is a company that is able to help people get the clothes that they need in an environment that is easy for them. Women can shop for the styles that they know they will love and they can have it delivered directly to their door at no extra cost because of the way that the subscription service works to be able to help people with their opportunities and with the new things that they can do.


There are many different ways that people can try new things and do more with Fabletics. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg made sure of all of this when they decided to start the company and when they were making the choices that would bring them to the point where they were at with Fabletics. They tried to market the company so that women would know what they could get out of the things that were going on and so that they would be able to try new things in their own business without the worry of ruining their marketing plan.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg knew what they were doing with the marketing aspect of their business. They knew how to market the business and how to make it work for everyone so that they could try new things. Since they hyped the business up and marketed it in the right way, it gained popularity before it was even off the ground and that helped to make things better so that they could help other people with the options that they had. Fabletics grew quickly because of the way that the men did the marketing parts of the business. http://www.hudl.com/profile/4913266/adam-goldenberg

The Accomplished Businessman, Philanthropist, Author And Speaker, Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a very credible and established leader in the business sector with a proven track record that is constantly on the rise. He has great principles that have led his empire to a firm stance of stability. He is one of the speakers who is sought for by scholars and business amateurs for advice and implementation plans for their businesses.

He has gotten into the health sector from May of 2014 with his IDLife LLC that has been in the profit zone since its conception. He has partnered with Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason. They have other people who together write and educate the masses on the fundamental importance of health and wellness giving the best way of eating well and having a good nutritional balance. His company was named one of 100 Solid Top MLM Companies worldwide in 2016. He likes to build leadership skills among the young entrepreneurs and in 2013, he published “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Build Yourself, People, and Teams.” that aimed at getting business leaders from the millennials. The book was endorsed by the Shark Tank members Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John.

Read more on Ideamensch.com

Logan Stout founded the Dallas Patriots baseball organization where he mentors the young. He says that the idea behind his IDNutrition came from a doctor who he had talked with and gave him lessons on food that was organic, non-GMO having no hormones, gluten and no soy. He saw this remarkable since he is an athlete and he had to acquire the asset from the doctor, making IDNutrition an entity.

His typical day starts with a cup of IDLife Shake in the morning then his vitamins and lastly, the IDLife Energy Drink. He reads the newspapers and goes to meditate. Logan Stout then reads the bible before going ahead to do his development reading. He prepares his twins for school before heading to his IDLife corporate office.

The ideas that he has come from his meditation time where he brainstorms and creates new inventions that have not been introduced into the market. He wants to make people understand the importance of eating well and keeping fit. Logan likes doing things that are productive by making others productive too. His foundation, LoganStout.com gives advice and expertise to young businesspeople. He advises people to invest in themselves this is because they will come out strong and innovative. People also need to read and learn a lot.

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