Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Emergency Medicine at its Finest

The United States is home to thousands of medical doctors, and these medical professionals are located in all of the 50 states. One of the industry’s toughest sectors is working in an emergency room. At this specific location, injured and sick individuals are in need of responsive medical services. This particular task includes long days that can be very demanding on both parties. Located in the Florida Panhandle is one of the finest emergency room physicians in the Southeast. Eric Forsthoefel, M.D., specializes in emergency medicine, and he provides his services for a number of emergency rooms that are associated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. In addition to that, he is one of only 26 medical doctors who specialize in emergency medicine at this location.

Dr. Forsthoefel is well-educated and is highly trained. He received his extensive medical training from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. After he earned his medical degree, Forsthoefel would go on to Louisiana State University to complete his residency in emergency medicine. Dr. Forsthoefel is well-versed in emergency medicine as he is able to deal with a wide array of medical issues such as broken bones, strep throat, sprains, high blood pressure, fever and acute illnesses. His thoroughness of the subjects at hand has helped to earned him a high star-rating. Emergency room work is no joke as doctors will need to be thoroughly trained on various issues. Once the training is acquired, doctors will then to combine their training and skill to come up with the best medical solutions.

When it comes to certifications, Dr. Forsthoefel is very accomplished. He is fully-licensed to practice medicine in the states of Louisiana and Florida. In addition to that, he has obtained his certification in emergency medicine from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. All in all, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is doing his part to better mankind, but who knows what he has in store for the future.


The Successful Life of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is currently the principal and Co-Chairman of the Fortress Investment Group Board of Directors. He became a member of the Management Committee in 2002 and later, the board of directors in November 2006. The company was founded in 1998 as a private firm and quickly expanded to manage assets for institutional clients and private investors ranging from credit, real estate and permanent capital investment strategies. After which he was elected as the Co-Chairman in charge of Credit and Real-Estate business on August 2009.

He received his education from Princeton University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master’s in Business Administration from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Before his involvement with Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger had worked with other committees such as the Asian Management Committee. He holds many board and advisor roles which include CNBC, Tipping point community and the Center for a new American Security.

His expertise in the industry, as well as his position in a leading investment firm, made Mr Briger relevant in matters concerning developments in the financial profession. In 2013, Wells Fargo sought him in a bid to strike a deal on regulating Bitcoin exchange with Fortress Investments. Once he understood how the new currency worked, he agreed to combine efforts to create an American-based regulation on the exchange of Bitcoins. Therefore, when the two financial giants decided to deal in Bitcoins, Wall Street slowly made their efforts toward the same. Peter Briger supported the idea because he saw potential in the use of Bitcoin technology and because it created a platform on which payment services could be improved. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is now among the wealthiest men in America and the 2008 World’s Billionaires List; he came in at number 962. He is currently number 317. However, he is known to use his money to help the society. He is on the Council of Foreign Relations which is an organisation aimed at creating awareness on the foreign policy issues to the American people. Mr Briger also liaised with two other Princeton alumni and founded the Princeton Entrepreneurship Program which provides funds to entrepreneurs and infant companies for other alumni from the university.  Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton EntrepreneurshipGift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Susan McGalla Breaks Down The Gender Cycle

At the same time as women continue their considerable efforts to make the workforce more diverse, they can find inspiration from the triumphs of businesswoman Susan McGalla.

McGalla, who worked her way up through the ranks, shares her workplace strategies and point of view for workplace growth. She has spoken to the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh, the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series and more.

McGalla grew up in a family with brothers and has been comfortable working with men and women. She has always considered the importance for women to have the backing and support of other women in business.

According to statistics, companies that provide work for the identical number of women and men are 15 times more likely to operate better than opponents with an unequal workforce. And companies with a more culturally dissimilar labor force are 35 percent more likely to function for the better over competitors with insignificant diversity in their workplace (http://blogwebpedia.com).

She believes in mentoring and sponsorship to set up and establish opportunities for women. McGalla has stated how sponsorship makes it easier to bring gender discrimination to an end while supporting women to work hard for more advanced positions.

After graduating from Mount Union College, she began her career in marketing at Joseph Horne Company before joining the American Eagle Outfitters. In her early days with American Eagle Outfitters, the company was predominantly male.

McGalla held a number of management positions from 1994 through 2009 with American Eagle Outfitters which lead to her becoming president before she left the company. Under her management, company revenue climbed to more than $3 billion from $340 million.

She went on to launch P3 Executive Consulting which made advice available from branding to talent supervision as well as additional services.

At the present time, McGalla makes the most of her skills as the vice president of business strategy and creative development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla, who was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, is a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and a current board member of the Mount Union College Board of Advisors.

Boraie Developments LLC are Improving Cities, Opportunities and Lives

The summer of 2018 will be an exciting time in Atlantic City with the first development project to come up in over 25 years. Boraie Development LLC. is constructing an $81 million, 250-unit apartment complex called, The Beach at South Inlet. The construction will be completed and open for business by July of 2018. The apartments will feature the most advanced technology and every amenity a tenant could want including a swimming pool and gym. Atlantic City used to be a popular destination for gamblers, casinos and crime, but recently the scene has drastically changed. The area has become a family oriented, tourist and employment destination attracting new crowds and new opportunities. Wasseem Boraie, the Vice President of Boraie Developments stated that the company’s project would increase the number of jobs in the area, attract more tourists and benefit the local community tremendously.

The aged buildings of Atlantic City have attracted site seers, but not many residents. Most of the buildings are over 40 years old and beginning to deteriorate so, Boraie’s new construction is a welcome sight. The casinos are still a grand attraction and popular tv shows such as Boardwalk Empire increased tourism and the Cities popularity, but the dilapidated state of residential buildings have put off many potential visitors. Atlantic City must redevelop, reimagine and regain its popularity through new developments, attractions and residential apartments for visitors to comfortably stay in. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

Boraie Developments LLC is a family business that operates in the real estate development, management and marketing industry. With Omar Boraie as President and CEO of Boraie Developments and his son, Omar Boraie as Vice President they have managed to change and improve cities, employment opportunities and people’s lives. With its one million square feet of constructions Boraie Developments can be credited with beginning the redevelopment of the New Brunswick area. The Boraie complexes sparked a surge of developments in the area that has led to over $2 billion in other development and community projects. .

Boraie Developments has catered to cities around America and especially in the Brunswick area. It has worked with countless financial institutions, large corporations and has even teamed up with celebrities. In 2013 Boraie and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal formed a partnership that has remained strong. The Atlantic City apartment project is one such collaboration between the Real Estate Company and O’Neal. Boraie’s influence and development of the New Brunswick area has led to increased employment and opportunities, which Boraies hopes to repeat in Atlantic City with the construction of The Beach at South Inlet. Check out his website boraie.com

Read more: http://magazine.rutgers.edu/insights/seeing-the-future

Marc Sparks Provides Timely Mentoring for Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks is an amazing entrepreneur who has literally started dozens of companies and he has experienced the mountaintop of success and the dark valley of failure along the way. He is an accomplished author with his excellent treatise on entrepreneurialism entitled They Can’t Eat You. He founded the landmark business known as Timber Creek Capital, which is geared toward developing new businesses and utilizes his wealth of knowledge on the subject and a tremendous array of resources as well. His philanthropic endeavors are extensive and he enjoys helping and improving the lives of others.

Sparks has a spiritual side as well and believes that God allows individuals to experience challenges and setbacks to understand the responsibility that comes with success and to maintain a humble attitude. He considers that one doesn’t forget their scars in life and they provide unique opportunities to learn and grow.

Instinct is something that Marc Sparks credits as part of his success. He relays that his average grades in high school and a lack of formal training are not his calling cards for success with business startups. Rather, his energy, instinct, and passion are why he’s been successful and persevered in triumph over adversity.

Building companies is something that Sparks has excelled in himself and is something he is now helping others to do as well with his innovative firm called Timber Creek Capital. He enjoys cultivating and nurturing unique ideas that others may believe can’t be done. With the foundation of an initial idea, Sparks helps people develop a business model as well as short-term and long-term plans to get the ball rolling. A company culture is inculcated among the employees and confidence is built.

The example of leadership that Sparks brings forth speaks volumes to those working with him and helps them along their journey. Sparks Speed is the idea and it is a quick pace that others may find challenging, but is how entrepreneurs succeed and few know it as well as Marc.

Ironically, Sparks is unconcerned about being a millionaire and maybe this is why he is one. His passion and energy are what drive him and becoming a millionaire is a natural byproduct of his naturally quick pace and enthusiasm for business. He considers that true wealth is good health and enjoying friends and family. He loves it when his staff and customers are happy and satisfied which gives him a great feeling of accomplishment and achievement. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/marc.sparks1