How Lime Crime can Add a Touch of Magic to your Makeup Routine

Want to Add a Touch of Magic to your Look?

With most makeup brands, their lipsticks come in one or two options–typically matte and metallic, with the usual level of flatness and shine. But sometimes you want something a little extra that completes the look with just a hint of shine, or an unusual color that can’t be found anywhere else. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipstick is a makeup line like no other. Bold but delicate, creamy and nourishing, this lipstick has just the right pigment to make your look pop.



A World of Childlike Charm

Remember the shiny lip gloss you wore when you were a child? Unicorn Lipstick has a similar consistency, but with higher quality and more subtle colors that you’ll appreciate as an adult. The matte formula has just a touch of shine that sets the line apart from other matte brands. With natural ingredients including sunflower and rosemary extract, your lips will be nourished and moisturized throughout the other day. And just like that old lip gloss from your childhood, Unicorn Lipstick smells like cupcakes!


This Lime Crime brand comes in a range of colors, ranging from subtle pinks to dark maroon and even banana yellow. Each color is striking enough to stand out, but versatile enough that you can wear it with a variety of looks and outfits. Whether you’re aiming for a more formal look or want your makeup to stand out, Lime Crime has a shade that suits just about everyone’s needs.



High-Quality Ingredients

When you purchase from Lime Crime, you’re not just investing in your own looks–you’re investing in the safety of the environment. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with no animal testing. The quality of their makeup is unparalleled, with rich formulas that stay on all day and require few touch-ups, even after meals. And the natural extracts in their Unicorn Lipstick brand keeps lips soothed throughout the day, rather than drying them out.




How A Round Little Orb Shook Up The Lip Balm Industry

For more than a century, lip balm has always been the cylindrical mainstay when it came to lip care. We’ve all had that famous cherry flavored tube in our pockets and purses. Sometimes taking an accidental trip through the laundry. Everything about traditional lip balm was flipped on it’s head when a small upstart branded Evolution Of Smooth hit the markets nearly 8 years ago. Pastel orbs with enticing new flavors, EOS (the shortened acronym) hit the ground running and shook up the industry to become the second best selling brand. Filling the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart and Target stores across the country, everyone was whipping out their spheres in the name of smoother lips. Online stores Amazon and eBay sell EOS too.

EOS sells over a million pieces a week and is on track to double by 2020. Never taking any outside funding sources, the founders relied on the wants and needs of today’s woman to provide a functional and fashionable product that would ultimately be a game changer in the lip care market. Using on trend marketing techniques such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as getting the product into celebrities and you tube influencers, EOS is now the largest advertiser in its category. In its short lifespan, they have now become a household name, with high profile endorsements as Well as a slew of copycats.

EOS ( has begun to branch out with other beauty needs such as hand lotions and shaving creams. It stands to reason that Evolution of Smooth is the new evolution of beauty.


How EOS Became A Household Name

EOS made a daring move when they entered the chap stick market. For as long as most people remember, chap stick came in a simply tube with an ingredient list that felt very clinical. A few years ago, EOS lip balm changed the game when they introduced their colorful orbs of chap stick that approached the product in a whole new way.

Traditionally, chap stick was a unisex product, but EOS did some research and found that the product was overwhelming more popular with women. Their research also showed that one major complaint was that the tubes often got lost in purses. Some users claimed they enjoyed the idea of the chap stick pots, but found them to be unhygienic. Taking all that into account, EOS created their revolutionary product, the popular orb that fits all users needs. They created it so that it would easily engage all five senses, the soft packaging was pleasing to hold, the bright colors were appealing to the eye, the flavors offered both a pleasing smell and a delightful taste, and the orb has a satisfying click when it is closed.

Instead of investing in third party manufacturing and big advertising, the company invested in their own equipment in order to scale their company very quickly. They created a production facility that is almost completely automated. They contacted beauty bloggers and had them review the product on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They then moved on to work with millennial celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears to have the product appear in their music videos and they even became headline sponsors for Demi Lovato’s world tour. Rapidly, as the company gained more recognition, they became one of the largest advertisers in their category. The products are now being sold by large stores like Target and Walmart. Online merchants Amazon and eBay sell them too.

Though it has been an untraditional path the company took, in seven short years EOS became a household name. Their product has even produced copycats from Blistex and Revo who have created similar orbs. EOS sells about one million chap stick orbs per week, a number that tops their entire first annual sales. More product information, visit

For more information and a more detailed outline of their business growth go here.


Healthy Hair is Possible with WEN by Chaz Products

Whether on television or in magazines, ads for all types of hair products can be found everywhere. When it comes to the Wen by Chaz Dean [see:] hair care line, you can find high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and even styling treatments that are sure to give your hair the moisture and shine your hair has been lacking. This hair product line can be found at your local beauty supply store like Sephora. You can also choose between different versions of this line, such as Lavender, Fig, Cucumber Aloe, and Tea Tree.

How WEN works is that you will need to read the label. Depending on the length of your hair, you will need to use more or less pumps of the product. For example, if you have short hair, you will need about 10-16 pumps. If you have you long hair, however, you may need to use 24-32 pumps. Once you have the right amount of product, you massage it into your hair and rinse it out. Almost right away you will begin to see that your hair is thicker and more luscious. To see this product in action, you can visit Bustle (

When it comes to hair care products, Chaz Dean cares about his products. He wanted to create a hair care product line that will give your hair some bounce and shine, just like you see with celebrities. In fact, he has worked with many celebrities at his Chaz Dean Studio. His hair care products have been a fixture on television shows. Chaz is all about having the right products that are all-natural and organic. He wants everyone to have healthy hair, which is why he came up with his WEN hair care line. If you are looking to try a new hair product, these products are something worthy looking into. Wen products can also be ordered through Amazon.

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