Mimic The Cheryl Blossom Look With The Red Velvet Matte Velvetine from Lime Crime

If you watch the show Riverdale, then you have seen the bright red lipstick worn by the character Cheryl Blossom. You may even be thinking of trying her signature red lipstick with your own wardrobe. The good news is you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to achieve her unique look. You can find it at an affordable price from Lime Crime.

The lipstick is known as Red Velvet, and it comes from the Matte Velvetine collection from Lime Crime. Doe Deere has always loved the vibrant color of red rose petals, and it was this flower that inspired her to create this beautiful velvetine. This matte liquid lipstick is designed to last throughout the day, and it does not bleed, smudge, transfer or dry out. It is best to apply lip balm 15 minutes before applying the velvetine directly to your lips. Use a lip brush to re-apply it throughout the day. You can remove it with oil or waterproof makeup remover.

The Red Velvet Matte Velvetine can be worn with several other Lime Crime products. It is almost a perfect match with the Crimson Red Unicorn Hair Dye. If you are looking for a darker contrast, you can create your own look with the sparkling Chameleon Diamond Dew or the Venus and Muse shades of the Venus eye shadow palette.

Lime Crime was launched by Doe Deere in 2008, and she was inspired after she could not find shades that matched her colorful wardrobe. The company offers a variety of products in unique, light, dark and neutral shades. Their mission is to help you find makeup that expresses your personality. The products include the Unicorn Lipstick, Matte and Metallic Velvetines, Venus Palettes, Hi-Lites and Pop-On Nails.

If you want to mimic the vibrant look of Cheryl Blossom, be sure to check out the Red Velvet Matte Velvetine from LimeCrime.