Goettl Describes the Routine Change That Can Significantly Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Everyone would want to cut on electricity bills. Since power consumption by electrical devices is the main determiner of the amount of electricity consumed, the bill can be significantly reduced by use of efficient devices. For air conditioning, acquiring a new unit often does the trick for the newer a unit is, the more efficient it is. What many people don’t know is that saving money on air conditioning may be as simple as a change of routine. Goettl recently advised on the various routine changes one can undertake to manage power costs.


The Routine Change


According to Goettl, setting a thermostat at a temperature above 78° F reduces its rate of power consumption. It is, therefore, advisable to set the thermostat at not less than 82° F at night and a maximum of 85° F during the day. Secondly, the bill can be reduced by reducing the level of heating in the house, and consequently reducing the energy required for cooling. This can be achieved by cooking some meals from outside. Engaging in family activities outside the house also reduces the need for cooling in the house.


Another routine change that can help one to reduce the costs associated with air conditioning is using natural means of cooling. By switching off the AC and opening the windows instead, can perform the magic. Fixing malfunctioning bulbs, on the other hand, helps in reducing heating in the house. Insulating the windows also reduces the cooling cost by retaining the cool air in the house and at the same time barring warm air from outside to find its way into the house.


About Goettl


Goettl Air Conditioning is a Las Vegas-based private company that has been in the industry since 1939. The company specializes in ensuring quality air for their clients by selling and servicing air conditioners.


For its close to 8 decades of existence, the company has witnessed impressive development. It has acquired several air conditioning companies in Las Vegas and beyond. One such company is The Sunny Plumber.