Class Dojo Is Helping Build The School Community With Communication And A Growth Mindset

When it comes to learning, many students need a certain level of communication and encouragement from their teachers and especially their parents in order to perform well. For a long time, this aspect of school was deteriorating, with many students feeling like their parents are absent and they are facing the challenges of school on their own. This is not healthy for students and it usually ends up leaving them with bad school experiences that does not promote their individual growth. Class Dojo is a special learning platform that was developed by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don that focuses on bringing teachers, students and parents together with a level of communication school has never before seen. Class Dojo has even released videos based on a growth mindset to help teach students core principles in life and in learning to help prepare them for their futures.

Since first launching in 2011, Class Dojo has seen widespread success, with their program being using in nearly 70 percent of all schools around the U.S. With the help of Stanford University, Class Dojo even evaluated how well their growth mindset videos were holding up and how they were received from the public to help improve them. By bringing a higher level of awareness to students and building their confidence, not only will they be inspired to succeed, but they will inspire future generations to succeed as well.

The growth mindset videos behind Class Dojo are just a bonus to their main feature, which is communication. Teaching important principles helps the growth of students, but communication keeps them stay engaged with their learning and want to improve. When parents are able to stay connected with their children while they are in school they have more confidence and take more pride in doing well. Since Class Dojo is completely free to use for everyone, parents can start taking part in the revolutionary learning platform today to help build the connection with their child and school.

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