Glen Wakeman Is The Entrepreneur Who Helps Other Entrepreneurs Succeed

Glen Wakeman is a businessman, entrepreneur, and mentor that has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime. He has helped to develop M&As, get startups off of the ground, and inspire many people in the process. He is best known for creating a 5 step performance method that has worked wonders in many people’s lives. The basic idea of the methodology is to focus on human capital, leadership, executing in business, and managing risks in business. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman helped to co-found Launchpad Holdings LLC., which he is the CEO of. The idea for the company came from the fact that he enjoys helping people who have good ideas find the funding they need to get off of the ground. It disturbed him that so many entrepreneurs with good ideas fail before they even get started, and now he helps them to build solid business plans around their ideas. The best of what Launchpad Holdings has to offer is a simple to use software platform that guides startups through the process of becoming successful.

Glen Wakeman brings new ideas to life by forcing himself to explain an idea to other people. He says that this process forces him to be really clear about his ideas, and it also helps him to think about how he would defend them if the need were to arise. He feels that this is a great idea, because, many times, people come up with what they think is a great idea only to realize later it is not so great. When you are forced to verbally explain your ideas, it weeds out the bad ones and leaves behind great possible ideas that had stood up to the process. He finds it best to have to explain the idea to people who both think like him and especially to those who don’t, because opposition is a good thing that forces entrepreneurs to better define what it is they are wanting to accomplish. View Glen Wakeman’s profile

Glen Wakeman has always appreciated education and what it can do for an individual, and he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in finance and economics while studying at the University of Scranton. He took his own education further and received an MBA in finance while attending the University of Chicago.


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