The Journey of Modernity in Brazilian Medicine, with Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll Neto is one of the most important businessmen and entrepreneurs of medicine in Brazil, being the co-founder and President of the biggest network of private hospitals in the entire country, the D’Or Network.

He is also the president of the Administration Council of the D’Or São Luiz Network, and has already spoken about the future of medicine for Brazil countless times.

In his mind, the future and the improvement lies in the use of innovative technologies and techniques to improve what the Brazilian professionals, doctors, and medics can do. The use of new tools and gadgets can drastically improve the performance that some treatments have, and their efficiency in treating a disease. It can open doors for new therapies and the development of new researches on diseases and the human body. According to Jorge Moll Neto, the use of new technology is the bridge to success. Read more about Jorge Moll at

His opinion is held very firmly by the other entrepreneurs who gave their voices on the matter. He is simply the co-founder of D’Or, which has 32 hospitals scattered across national territory, and is also a cardiologist with decades of experience in his craft.

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Having started his journey through medicine in the big Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, he was always an idealist, a dreamer. Having achieved his goals of being a cardiologist, he never stopped in the middle of the road. Newer equipment arrived for the young Jorge Moll Neto, and his work was made more comfortable. That has happened countless times, and cardiologists nowadays are much more efficient because of the ever-growing technology that the world produces.

As an entrepreneur, Jorge Moll has visited each one of his hospitals, and continues to do so on a weekly basis. The introduction of new technology and improved tools is always a time for celebration. It always means that, in some way or another, a patient will have a better experience because of the introduction of that new solution.

Having experienced the downfall of Rio de Janeiro as the “center of medicine in Brazil,” back in the 20th century, Jorge Moll speaks about how he thinks it is necessary to keep up with modernity. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

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