UTC Once was Home to a Legend

He is known as the business wizard. Many hail him as a legend in the corporate realm. Economics teachers pound on his door trying to get him the come and lecture in their classes. This man is the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert.

Chenevert has always been a businessman in the making. Having grown up in Ontario, Canada he heard of the prestigious University of Montréal. He decided that it would be best for him to attend its affiliate business school HEC. Here, he would receive a degree in production management which would serve him well throughout his career. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.

Chenevert would land a job at General Motors the day after he graduated. While working here, he oversaw the production line for the Pontiac brand. Chenevert was glad to take this job because it proved to be great training grounds for a future CEO. After working here for 14 years, he would receive a job offer from Pratt & Whitney to train to become their next President.

Louis Chenevert began working for Pratt & Whitney as the president-elect. It would take six years of training for him to be ready to take office once the current president stepped down. Once Chenevert took on the role of president, he was able to increase their stock share by 25%.


This wonderful work caught the attention of United Technologies Corporation. They approached him with a job offer to become their Chief Executive Officer. Chenevert was more than happy to take on this role.

Once he arrived, he immediately did the few things that gained the attention of the world. Firstly, he stabilized the shaky profits that United Technologies Corporation was facing. He did this by acquiring several key companies that allowed United Technologies Corporation to diversify their portfolio and offset their debt.

The second thing that he did upon arriving at UTC was to make them more environmentally friendly. They were paying millions a year in environmental fines, and by decreasing water consumption and gas emissions, he was able to forgo this expense. Read more at Bloomberg.

Lastly he spent time training his valuable workers.

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