Eco-Friendly Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is pretty large. Visiting your local supermarket, you will see dozens of brands. With the industry grossing one hundred billion annually, its a profitable industry. Bottled water companies are so numerous now and days that each one brands there water as something special to stand out. Whether they add vitamins or have a special filtration process, every one wants there water to stand out. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

For Waiakea Water, the made in Hawaii automatically gives off a vibe of being clean and of purity. Waiakea Water also uses the Hawaiian language in the name, wai akea means broad waters. The coolest way that the company stands out is the filtering process. Waiakea Water is filtered though the volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano. That coolness factor really makes it stand out.

Another thing that sets Waiakea Water stand out is that they are Eco-Friendly. Think about it all those plastic bottles are either dumped into the ocean or in landfills with very little being recycled. Waiakea Water has come up with a solution. They created the worlds first fully degradable plastic bottle. It takes a normal plastic bottle nearly one thousand years to degrade and break down naturally, just to give a bit of prospective. The Waiakea Water company can now produce a bottle that will break down in only fifteen years. That is much better for the environment. In addition to the remarkable breakthrough the company is also Carbon Neutral, because of the types of vehicles the company uses to deliver its product.

The company has grown a lot. It has an annual growth rate of one hundred and seventy percent. It has gone from around two thousand cases to well over one hundred twenty thousand cases in about three years. That is what I call growth.

Waiakea Waters is also concerned about about global poverty. It has partnered with Pump Aid. Pump Aid helps bring clean water supply to rural areas of Africa. The charity has brought clean water to over one million people.

Waiakea Waters feels that it has a mission to provide naturally health Hawaiian volcanic water while promoting clean water access and conservation through out the world. For every liter bought, the company donate one weeks supply to the people of Malawi. Watch this video on Youtube.

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