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NexBank continues to be a popular Dallas, Texas based financial institution with well over 12,000+ IT professionals and a strong executive team lead by their CEO, John Holt. They have been able to maintain strong assets estimated at $40 billion dollars and they are proudly FDIC insured for additional customer support. From the beginning they have put an emphasis on their personalized accounts, but also are well known for their industrialized and commercial accounts. You can learn more about their services under their descriptive tabs on their website. They’re committed to ensuring their customers get the services they need for far less than competitor networks.

NexBank Features

– get free checks for the life of your account

– interest bearing accounts at 1.9%

– direct deposit features

– view your account from anywhere

– live customer support

– investment accounts

– college savings programs

– and much more…

John Holt is a part of the certification 1 international partnership that will allow NexBank to expand their services overseas. As a global network, they will still continue a high level of customer service to assist their customers with their new or existing account while creating unique job opportunities.

You can save money for college, buy your dream car, or buy a home under the first-time home owners program. They offer a low income home ownership program in combination with the Habitat For Humanity. If you’re gainfully employed you can realize your dreams of owning a home with low monthly mortgage payments and interest. They understand that hard working families may need help making a home investment in today’s economy. They also have an investment plan designed to help you put away secure money for your future or start a new business. Join the trust NexBank family today and save.

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