Talkspace provides Just-in-Time therapy in an increasingly hectic world

Talkspace is a personal therapy system designed to operate over text messaging. At first glance, this may seem to de-personalize the therapy experience, but it has many positive features that may make this the right therapy solution for many people.

Seeing a traditional therapist in an office setting for a scheduled appointment introduces several layers of separation between the things going on in the patient’s life and the therapy session. When a stressor occurs, the traditional therapy patient must wait for the next appointment before discussing the event with the therapist. The Talkspace patient can immediately write a message to his or her therapist and send it while the event is fresh in his or her mind.

The traditional therapy patient has time between the event and the analysis of the event. This may benefit the patient, as he or she can discuss the event in a calm, relaxing environment, but the details of the event may be lost between the occurrence and the therapy appointment. The Talkspace patient can immediately discuss the event with his or her therapist, and may receive guidance which may be immediately helpful in dealing with the repercussions of the event.

Finally, the delay between event and discussion of the event allows the patient to analyze and rationalize the event. The tradition-bound therapist must then spend time breaking down barriers and digging to find the facts about the event. The Talkspace patient can provide immediate information about the event, and the therapist can get the facts while they are fresh in the patient’s mind.

Rather than make the therapy sessions less personal, a service such as Talkspace may make the patient/therapist discussion more timely and effective than traditional, once-a-week in-person appointments.

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