Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Create Awareness about Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers mainly focus on conducting tests on the brain following the collection of data to identify and address symptoms then implementing recommendations through training programs. Neurocore employs the use of advanced technology like qEEG technology combined with breathing and heartbeat rate analysis and any other applicable diagnostic test.

They have helped many children and adults improve their concentration levels, improve sleep and deal with stress and depression. Neurocore has authoritatively established itself as a leader in applied neuroscience across the United States. Neurocore is currently 13 years old in the industry. It has nine branches spread across Michigan and Florida. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Major depression is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses in the U.S. 16 million adults are affected every year. A third of these people do not seek treatment possibly because of stigmatization. Mental illness can happen at any age to anyone without no known cause. It may be as a result of a devastating life event like the death of a loved one, accident, divorce or abuse. Genetic factors are also a probable cause. Mental health conditions are, however, treatable.

Some of the most common types of depression are; Major Depressive Disorder characterized by low self-esteem and sadness. Secondly, Persistent Depressive Disorder which lasts longer and symptoms appear on a daily basis. Thirdly, Postpartum Depression that starts after birth and continues for two weeks to a year. Lastly is the Seasonal Affective Disorder where symptoms occur during seasons with a low amount of sunlight, e.g., winter.


Some of the most typical symptoms include sadness, little or too much sleep, numbness, emptiness, drastic weight gain or loss, fatigue, reduced interests, lack of concentration among others. Other symptoms like headaches, tension, stomach rumblings and difficulty in breathing also take a negative toll on the body.

The feeling of emptiness that comes with depression may cause one to have suicidal thoughts. In 2014, there were more than forty thousand suicide deaths. You should not entertain any suicidal ideas. According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading disability causer and number three among workplace issues. The government should direct more funding towards research work on depression. All types of depression are treatable with medication and therapy. Follow Neurocore on

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