The Critical Importance Of A/B Testing And AI In Business

For a marketing promotion to be successful it must be personalized. The process requires different promotions to be tested throughout numerous channels, and this takes a lot of time and effort. When the needs of every person are considered, this means thousands of versions must be tested and evaluated. In the fields of e-commerce, retail, and digital marketing this would take an immense crew, a massive number of hours, and would still be difficult if not impossible to accomplish. The solution is A/B testing through artificial intelligence or AI to compare all the possible versions, and determine which one provides the best performance. A/B testing can analyze customer preference, intent, response, then provide the personalized version deliver the right message, incentive, and appeal to assure response and conversion.

An excellent example is a typical campaign consisting of 100 products with ten subject lines and ten images each. This would require 100 email templates including testing the colors, fonts, call-to-action, and locations. This is approximately 1 million promotional variations. Testing this high of a number would be impossibility without A/B testing since humans can test several hundred or perhaps a thousand at best with a large crew. Without A/B testing, the results will suffer, the campaign will lose effectiveness, and the goal will not be achievable.

In a survey of businesspeople, 61 percent of the 3000 executives surveyed felt the development of an AI strategy was crucial. A/B testing combined with AI scores the propensity of a customer to respond, provides incentive to purchase products, and predicts the best time to present the offer. Languages can be generated by computers, and emotional responses can be considered. This can generate subject lines using descriptions, emotions personalized for each language. When types, fonts, sizes, and styles are tested with AI, a personalized emotional connection is established. A/B testing is required for the organization of the templates to achieve the best possible result. This can be the location of the call-to-action button, the way the content is displayed, or he font for the written copy. There are too many possibilities to be tested by humans.

A/B testing consolidates months of testing into a few days, with all modifications considered. The process runs automatically using a math algorithm, and the winners are determined by their ranking in the digital response. AI technology must be embraced for personalized marketing to be truly successful. As technology continues to grow and expand, business who do not use A/B testing and AI will lose competitiveness.

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