Whitney Wolfe Recognized as Queen Bee in Dating App World

When it comes to dating apps Whitney Wolfe is easy to recognize. There are some men and women that see her out and about and they actually ask to get her autograph or take pictures with her. She is not a celebrity, but the recent bride has a life that resembles that of an entertainer.

People are fascinated with the Southern Methodist University graduate. She is a native of Utah, and she made her decision to open the Bumble headquarters in Texas. Right away people will look at her background and even the place that she decided to open her headquarters and realize that she is cut from a different cloth.

While most of the app developers are putting their businesses in Silicon Valley or basing headquarters in New York, Whitney Wolfe has taking a completely different route to creating success.

This should not be a surprise since Whitney Wolfe has been consistent in staying on her own path and creating her own lane. Even the Bumble dating app that she has created presents a whole new way for men and women to look at the concept of dating. This is the app where women are making the first move. This is just as original as creating a dating app headquarters in Texas. Whitney Wolfe was not going to play by the rules that everyone else was playing by because she felt that there was no need to do this.

She knows exactly what she is speaking of when it comes to thinking outside of the box because she has been successful with this. People have to really look at the way that she has changed the dating app community because she is someone that has been successful with finding a partner herself.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, and this is going to be something that women take a look at and become inspired by. Her marriage seals the deal when it comes to trusting her instincts for this dating app.

No one wants to go to a hair stylist that has a terrible haircut. No one wants to get information from a counselor that has a life that is more messed up than their own. The same can be said for those singles that are dating. No single man or woman wants to connect through a dating app that was created by someone that is having trouble finding love.

About Whitney Wolfe: www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/fashion/bumble-feminist-dating-app-whitney-wolfe.html

Futurist Jason Hope Warns About Security Threats to IoT Devices

We now live in the age of information and connectivity. Because of the internet and many new innovations that take advantage of it, our world is getting smaller and smaller, also in a good way. Nowadays, because of connectivity, it’s much easier to research, meet another person from the other side of the world, gather information about a country before you go, etc. Nowadays, connectivity do not just let people connect to other people, it also allows you to connect to your devices at home, almost every one of them.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have smart TVs, smart lights, smart air conditioning. But more and more smart IoT devices are being developed. Just like smart bike locks, smart coffee makers, smart door locks, you name it. And all these devices sound good at first glance, but they are not just good; they are amazing for the development of society.

That is not to say that they do not come with risks. Do you remember the first time you had to connect your smart TV to Youtube or Netflix? You had to type in your account details of course to be able to log in. And typing your email and password in your computer isn’t risky if you have a really good anti-virus or anti-malware. The problem is your smart TV probably do not even have an anti-malware, but it is connected to the internet and it now contains your log-in details, and that really attracts hackers.

This is the type of threat that Jason Hope warns us about. Most IoT devices come with a software that is never updated from the time you purchased it, thus, it doesn’t keep up to date with the latest security threats like the latest malwares.

Jason Hope believes that as a consumer who buys a car, the car company has to make us sure that the car we are buying is safe. Tech companies also have the responsibility of making tech consumers feel safe, and thus Jason Hope encourages developers of IoT devices to allow their products to have automatic updates. Apart from that, he suggests that they should have a high quality anti-malware or anti-virus applications so that the device could ward off hack attempts in order to steal your private information. For more info about us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation click here.

Jason Hope is a tech investor, philanthropist, and a futurist. He made a career with predicting technological advancements and how it affects the economy. Jason was born in Arizona where he got his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

Greg Secker Stays With Forex

Greg Secker is a British businessman and philanthropist who staunchly defends forces trading as everyman’s niche. He says that the stock market is too volatile for most people to realistically handle simply because it is only open for a short period and trades in huge blocks.

On the other hand Forex is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has millions of traders constantly trading. This makes for a more open market and a trader can trade in smaller blocks lessening the risk.

Secker was instrumental in the development of the Virtual Trading Desk while working at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He learned all about trading Forex while working at Mellon Financial Corporation when he rubbed elbows with some world-class Forex traders there. Secker states that a good strategy is necessary to trade Forex and you have to know when to get out of a trade. A good rule of thumb is to never invest more than 1 percent of the cash you have on hand in order to minimize losses.

He relates that sometimes women are better traders than men because they have no problem dumping a trade that is going bad. Men seem to think that it is a sign of their masculinity to hold on and “win” but that kind often loses.

Secker did very well on his own trading Forex, enough so that he retired from Mellon Financial where he was a Vice President to set up his own forex desk at his house. He did even better and formed Knowledge to Action, a marketing company to sell “how to” programs to would be forex traders. With that company he won many awards and made a lot of money.

Greg Secker says that anyone with a little money and some discipline can learn to trade in the foreign exchange markets. They are always open and you can be in business from anywhere in the world. While the material is a learning curve for most people, so is any career where you have a job to do. You have to be knowledgeable in order to do anything, so most people can pick up enough knowledge to do well in forex.