ClassDojo Continues to Grow

One of the most important jobs that any parent has is ensuring that their kids are getting a great education. Unfortunately, this can be very challenging as many parents today do not have the time and ability to speak with teachers in person. Fortunately, there is now an application that is helping parents connect with teachers to ensure they are able to stay involved in their children’s education.

The newest application that is making a big impact on the education industry is ClassDojo. This application has been in process for about five years and is continuing to evolve. Originally, the application was used as a means for parents and teachers to communicate. It provided a direct and secure method for emails and even text messages. While this aspect of the application is still very popular, there are many other features that are making it stand out.

One of the main features of the application today is that it allows students to connect as well. Students today are able to use the application to chat, discuss homework assignments, and even provide each other with advice. This allows a motivated student to stay connected and continue to learn even when they are at home.

While the ClassDojo application has been very popular with students, teachers, and parents. It has also been a popular option for those that are looking to invest in growing companies. Over the past few years, ClassDojo has raised several different rounds of venture capital. This has allowed the company to continue to grow and develop new features that help to make it one of the most useful tools for teachers on the planet. Today, the application is being used by teachers in more than half or the elementary schools located across the country and is expected to grow in use.


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