Adam Goldenberg: Data-Driven Fashion

While it is very fun to watch people come out with tons of different designs, the one company that is going to rise above all the other designers is the one who pays attention to what the customers want. The way that it does this is by collecting data. It is very important for companies to collect data on what is selling because to have some unsold items is going to cost the company money. This is why it is very important to make sure that the data on the sales is analyzed. It takes a person with special talents to be able to do that.


Among the people who handles the data is Adam Goldenberg. He is involved in the fashion industry. He is also part of the movement that is trying to bring all kinds of variety to the customers so that they can enjoy their own style. One thing that he understands is that different people have different tastes. Therefore, he wants to make sure that he provides for as many different tastes as possible. This is one of the best ways to build a loyal customer base. People tend to gravitate towards fashion retailers that supply what they like.


Fabletics does more than just supply people with the clothes they like. They also help their customers discover new styles that they like even better than their previous styles. One good thing about keeping in touch with customer data like Adam Goldenberg is that he not only knows what the customers want based on the one item they buy, but he also knows how to look at their purchasing habits so that they can anticipate what sets of items to include in their next campaign.


One of the best aspects of this trend is the personalized aspect of fashion. When people are getting clothes that they individually want, they are going to be more interested in what else is there for them. Adam Goldenberg has the right idea when it comes to fashion. He tries to provide for individuals as opposed to the group as a whole.

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