Duda Melzer, a Business Role Model In Brazil

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was born in the year 1972 on the 13th of May at Porto Alegre, RS. He is currently at 45 years of age. Commonly known as Duda Melzer, he is the chairman and current president of RBS Group from the year 2016 on 1st January. Eduardo’s nationality is Brazilian with his kinship coming down from Mauricio Sirotsky Nephew who is his grandfather and Nelson Sirotsky who is his uncle. Duda succeeded Nelson Sirotsky who was the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the company. His grandfather is the founder of RBS Group whereas he comes in as the family’s third generation member to owning the company. Duda has set grounds as one of the most dominant members in Brazil by adding to his tally being in partnership with e.Bricks Ventures as the founder and chairman of Digital e.Bricks.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a dominant and fast growing businessman seeking to take the economic chains by storms. Ideally, he has invested a lot in the RBS Group and the investment companies setting standards in the digital sector with their operations in the United States and Brazil. Duda is constantly improving and finding newer ways in which the RBS Group can move forth against other competitors in the same market line. Essentially, RBS Group has been actively involved in entertainment services which entail, television and radio, journalistic services, internet and newspapers. Duda has seen to it that the company has been adopting better methods which are key components to place it on the top scales at the communication level. He has managed to hold and run all the company services while also operating the e.Bricks Digital company. Duda is also a motivational figure and key contributor towards the economic up rise of Brazil’s communication sectors.

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