What Securus Technologies’ Recent Facility Customer Comments Reveal about the Company’s Services and Products

Securus Technologies’ dedication to revolutionizing the correctional market by helping facilities enhance public safety is impressive. Through the firm’s Technology Center, clients get a chance to see how the Securus’ innovative information and technology solutions work. In 2016, the Dallas-based company published several positive facility customer comments on its website.


According to Securus’ CEO and board chairperson, Richard Smith, the comments focused on the company’s portfolio of technology-oriented corrections and law enforcement products that were exhibited at the Technology Center. Mr. Smith also said that Securus’ staff is committed to offering solutions that would make correctional centers and the society safer.


In the published comments, one client praised Securus Technologies for standing out in the corrections market through its efforts to embrace technology in service delivery. The company was also praised for its investigative tools that allow clients to operationalize data gathered from prisons. These tools have also helped in beefing up security in prisons as well as providing criminal intelligence for murder investigations.


Most customers expressed their views regarding how Securus’ innovative solutions have simplified operations in their facilities. One of the company’s products that got positive reviews was the inmate communication platform. The reviews focused on how the platform has enabled prisoners to get in touch with their families and friends.


About Securus Technologies


For a company headquartered in Dallas like Securus Technologies, serving a client base of over 3,000 public agencies and one million inmates diligently is not an easy task. It requires commitment and the ability to embrace the most recent technologies. Securus Technologies succeeds in serving its clients who are based in North America.


Services, such as information management, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, and incident management, have enabled Securus Technologies to ensure that the world is safe. The company also provides law enforcement agencies with investigative tools, emergency response services, and monitoring services for them to thrive in the corrections industry.

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