Bruce Bent Ii Expertise In The World Of Finance

Bruce Bent II is the executive officer of Double Rock Corporation, an entity dealing with both financial and technological matters. Double Rock Corporations was founded to become a worldwide recognized trade investment fund. Over the years it has assisted its clients in finding solutions to cash and management issues. Its customers mostly include retail markets and independent brokers.

Before joining the company, Bruce served as a financial manager at Gotham Chapter Manhattan. He has however spent a good part of his career in the entity thus is greatly conversant in areas of management, sales, marketing, financial services ad both economic and technological markets. Bruce holds a degree in Bachelor of Science from Northeastern University and highly competent in financial matters including, Cost Benefit analysis, Market analysis, International Business and Strategic Planning.

Bruce is responsible for all issues concerning retirement and cash management. His strategic planning skills enable him to align solutions for each unique client need. These skills have given him an upper hand in setting the company’s policies. Throughout the years he has become an asset to the company managing it along strategies that have helped significantly increase its profit returns. For instance, Bruce is responsible for the establishment of the company’s first cash sweep and initiatives related to cash sweeps which are now a significant mark in the capital management industry. When he was the executive, Bruce advanced both the FDIC money management and the reserve by over $ 100 billion, and annually he has ensured that the company meets its profit.

He has well-driven skills that have enabled him to manage the company into the standing firm in its market foundation even in economic crisis. In the 2008 financial crisis, he successfully standardized the company’s market by liquidating some of the branches. He also developed a loan plan to minimize borrowing and turned out to be quite successful. He is an active member of the Young President Organization, an entrepreneurial leadership program. He is a panelist in the Scenic Hudson environmental group. As a financial mogul he has been severally featured in books, journals and newspapers globally he has ventured into several entrepreneurial projects.

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