Importance of Executive Sponsorship for Women Leaders

For any business, having a rock-solid strategy will ascertain that you can achieve your goals and objectives. Achieving this will rely on how the milestones are met or even the diversity within the workplace. Statistics have proven that for businesses with gender diversity, there is a 15% chance of outperforming other companies. Ethnically diverse companies do have a 35% probability of doing better than the non-diverse organizations.

Sadly though, Statistics have also proven that women occupy a small portion of the C-level positions in most S&P 500 companies. This has brought about a few initiatives which can be of some assistance. The first being the women leadership initiatives. These groups get to provide women with all the support needed to ascertain that they can grow; however, they have not been able to cover more than a quarter of the top leadership jobs in the world.

A new strategy will have to be initiated to achieve this, a good example being executive sponsorship. This will be a key in breaking the gender discrimination cycles within organizations, meaning that women will end up having sponsorship opportunities. Since women are highly invested in their careers, finding a decision-making executive to serve as their sponsor will ascertain that they can gain help in creating opportunities.

More About Susan McGalla

She is dedicated to ascertaining that she can pave the way for women leaders. Through her impressive background, she has been able to work her way up in the most male dominated areas and gain the roles which most would not deem unattainable.

She is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth in Pittsburgh Steelers. By taking confidence in her roles, she has had the ability to achieve more within the workplace. She still aims at achieving more and also empowering women as leaders.

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