Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Giving Their All

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have teamed up with NantHealth and Allscripts in order to implement a new solution that will enable eviti to gain access to workflows in the EHR. The clinical Pathways program will inform the treatment processes of cancer. The NantOS operating system was made possible with the input of hundreds of oncologists and is a vast collection of invaluable cancer data.

Clinical Pathways offers all the best treatment options and is helping to eliminate any possible guesswork. It has been designed with the patient specifically in mind and has integrated the most current cancer research available today. The new program is giving oncologists the availability to create a curated list of protocols at the time of care as well.

The platform makes it possible to create custom treatment plans specific to the patient, their disease, and their health and to make comparisons between treatment options. It also makes it possible to access current guidelines, drug reactions, and response rates, as well as toxicity and it supports clinical data.

The integration is giving physicians access to a medical library of over 2,700 evidence-based regimens that covers not only cancers but also cancer subtypes. The library was complied form government agencies, oncology associates, and literature obtained from peers. Each treatment is compiled form outcomes, evidence, toxicities, costs, and literature. This solution plays an important role in giving physicians the tools needed.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based out of Boca Raton, Florida. There are five hospitals giving care throughout the US. They are serving adult cancer patients from all over the world.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America care about their patients and provides care to not only their patients, but also to the families of their patients. Their hospitals are located in Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

Find more about CTCA on YouTube.

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