A Review Of Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric Pulier is a visionary leader, who has achieved much success in different fields. The shrewd entrepreneur has founded, co-founded or funded over 15 companies. Eric is an alumnus of the celebrated Harvard University where he graduated with a degree in English and American Literature. While at Harvard, Pulier worked as a columnist and an editor for the Harvard Crimson Weekly, the university’s newspaper. The technologist has invested in different media, technological and venture capital firms, including Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures and eCompanies. VAR Business named him as one of the 30 e-Visionaries owing to his unique entrepreneurial skills, innovation, and achievements. The public speaker has been featured on various platforms, including technology forums and conferences where he has delivered keynote speeches.

Eric has always been involved in philanthropic activities. Over the years, the executive has helped the less fortunate members of the society. In addition, he has supported people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis by establishing a multimedia education system to enlighten the patients about the condition. Pulier has also played an integral role in establishing Starbright World, a private social media network that seeks to support children suffering from chronic illnesses. Eric has supported XPRIZE Foundation by funding its operations. The charitable organization organizes public competitions to encourage people to develop different products and address societal problems using technology. Eric is affiliated with the US Doctors for Africa, the Clinton Global Initiative and ACE Foundation. He serves on the boards of XPRIZE and Painted Turtle, an initiative that supports children with chronic illnesses.

Pulier is credited for managing the 2nd inauguration ceremony for President Bill Clinton and Al Gore. The event, which was dabbed “Bridge to 21st Century,” was designed to showcase the effects of technology on different sectors of the economy, including education, healthcare, and entertainment. Eric Pulier conceived and launched the entire project. He was featured in almost all news channels. In addition, Al Gore appointed Eric to serve on the board of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshall School. Some of his publications include Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was published in 2005, and The Enterprise Industrial Complex.

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