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There are thousands of people that have decided to become a part of the secure NexBank financial institution because they are securely backed with an amazing $40 billion dollars in assets. NexBank has been proudly serving the Dallas community for over 60+ years and have a expertise in personalized, industrial, commercial, and investment accounts. You can invest in your retirement or speak to a friendly professional about starting your own business. NexBank, CEO and President, John Holt, is committed to helping his customers gain financial freedom in an unsecured financial economy. You can learn more about their account details by visiting their secure website.


There are over 246,000+ NexBank customers that are a part of the trusted and respected financial institute. Their goal is to ensure that their customers get true financial freedom with ways to increase their hard earned money and have it work for them. You never have to worry about your money and get peace of mind even when you’re sleep because your money is securely monitored and tracked through an integrated financial system. You’re welcome to become a part of their financial institute and take back your financial freedom. Thousands of locals eliminate the crowded Friday payday line with a simple and free direct deposit opportunity.


Superior NexBank Features


– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA accounts

– Anytime access

– Switch money in between accounts

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You can also save money on college expenses with over 1,500+ programs that are designed to help you save on college tuition and other expenses. This is one of the only services of its kind offered by a financial institute. The goal is to eliminate huge student loan debt. You’re invited to become a part of NexBank by visiting their exclusive website today.


Goettl Describes the Routine Change That Can Significantly Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Everyone would want to cut on electricity bills. Since power consumption by electrical devices is the main determiner of the amount of electricity consumed, the bill can be significantly reduced by use of efficient devices. For air conditioning, acquiring a new unit often does the trick for the newer a unit is, the more efficient it is. What many people don’t know is that saving money on air conditioning may be as simple as a change of routine. Goettl recently advised on the various routine changes one can undertake to manage power costs.


The Routine Change


According to Goettl, setting a thermostat at a temperature above 78° F reduces its rate of power consumption. It is, therefore, advisable to set the thermostat at not less than 82° F at night and a maximum of 85° F during the day. Secondly, the bill can be reduced by reducing the level of heating in the house, and consequently reducing the energy required for cooling. This can be achieved by cooking some meals from outside. Engaging in family activities outside the house also reduces the need for cooling in the house.


Another routine change that can help one to reduce the costs associated with air conditioning is using natural means of cooling. By switching off the AC and opening the windows instead, can perform the magic. Fixing malfunctioning bulbs, on the other hand, helps in reducing heating in the house. Insulating the windows also reduces the cooling cost by retaining the cool air in the house and at the same time barring warm air from outside to find its way into the house.


About Goettl


Goettl Air Conditioning is a Las Vegas-based private company that has been in the industry since 1939. The company specializes in ensuring quality air for their clients by selling and servicing air conditioners.


For its close to 8 decades of existence, the company has witnessed impressive development. It has acquired several air conditioning companies in Las Vegas and beyond. One such company is The Sunny Plumber.


The Innovative Career of Clay B. Siegall in the Bio-Technology Industry

Dr. Clay B. Siegall has been recognized for many years for his excellent knowledge of genetics and biotechnology. He has spent most his career life conducting research to discover ideal treatments for cancer. Siegall is also a co-founder of a top pharmaceutical enterprise that is called Seattle Genetics. He worked with other researchers to establish the facility in 1998 and has been acting as its CEO and chairperson. The company has a goal of making transformative scientific discoveries, doing detailed research, and developing drugs and therapies that can be used by cancer patients. The doctor has used his excellent knowledge of science to assist the company in creating various antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). It has commercialized its products, and the first ADC that it sold was ADCETRIS®. The FDA licensed the product in 2011 and Seattle Genetics has managed to distribute it to over 65 countries where it is accepted. A partnership between the firm and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company has enabled ADCETRIS® to grow into a globally recognized brand. Researchers at the company have been striving to better the ADCs that it offers.


Seattle Genetics currently holds different strategic licenses that enable it to manufacture and distribute its drugs in several countries. Examples of the drugs that it has been developing include Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, and AbbVie. The company has successfully generated $350 million from the medicines that it manufactures. The remarkable technology the Clay and his colleagues established at Seattle Genetics has been utilized in the development of more than 20 ADCs. The company has been working with other pharmaceutical corporations to manufacture its drugs externally. Seattle Genetics has developed excellent funding strategies under the management of Clay Siegall, and it has managed to secure a total of $1.2 billion.


Before the establishment of Seattle Genetics, Clay served as a researcher at various organizations. He started by working for the National Cancer Institute in 1988. Dr. Siegall was then offered a position at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has devoted his career to research work and has published more than 70 books that are used for professional and academic reference. Clay has also made various inventions, and he holds about 15 patents.


Why “No Poo” Shampoos Make A difference

When you use shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, you are doing more harm than good. That is why “no poo” shampoos are the best way to go. These shampoos do not contain a bunch of damaging and chemical-laden ingredients that actually harm your hair. “No poo” shampoos are made with natural ingredients that will not strip your locks of their natural oils and will make your hair stronger and healthier. Shampoos that contain a bunch of harsh chemicals also dry out your skin. Sulfate-free shampoos do not lather and will make your hair much more healthy and more manageable as well. You will even notice that your hair will grow much faster because it is healthier. Using natural shampoo products will save you money since you won’t have to buy a bunch of additional products to keep your hair manageable and healthy-looking.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner was created by Chaz Dean, a well-known hairstylist, and is made form natural ingredients. WEN Cleansing Conditioner will replace your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It contains ingredients like glycerin, which will moisturize your hair, chamomile extract that is soothing and calming, and wild cherry bark, that will condition hair. It also contains rosemary extract that will sooth locks, and panthenol, which will strengthen your hair. WEN hair care products are ideal for all hair care products and will leave your hair feeling great, since there are no chemicals to strip away any of your hair’s natural benefits like shine and strength.

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White Shark Media: The Answer To Your Marketing Needs

Some of the better tools for promoting your business include Google AdWords and Bing Ads. These are paid search tools, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools. Using SEM is a little different than SEO in that you are paying to have your website listed in one of their search ads, where as SEO purely relies on organic results that come up when keywords are entered. White Shark Media is a company that specializes in Google AdWords campaign management, and if you feel that you’re not getting as much out of AdWords as you think you should be, Google AdWords might be the answer you’ve been looking for.


Why Should You Trust White Shark Media?


White Shark Media is one of the few companies out there that is certified as a Google SMB Partner, a certification that is only given to companies that abide by Google’s strict codes of small business partnerships. White Shark Media’s specialists are fully-trained in AdWords and the company has had a great track record of success with small to mid-sized business clients who saw their companies grow and jump ahead of competitors. Also White Shark Media hasn’t just been content to offer good customer service. When clients have had complaints, White Shark Media has taken the time to address them.


Some complaints White Shark Media has had over the years have been with communication, as some clients felt it wasn’t good enough. White Shark Media now has monthly review meetings where they meet with clients on and give them all the information about AdWords campaign performances and discuss any changes in strategy. White Shark Media also has improved the signup process by having senior advisors monitor the entire process from start to finish, so that whenever your contact person needs to answer questions they’re unsure of, the senior advisors are standing by for assistance.


Why You Should Signup For White Shark Media’s Free Evaluation


Before you hire White Shark Media, there is a free evaluation they can do for your current AdWords campaigns in which they will take a look at them and tell you what they would do to help them perform better. They will not actually change the campaigns until you hire them. You don’t have to hire White Shark Media as part of the evaluation, but if you like what you hear from them, you can let them get started by choosing one of their service plans.

Find out more about White Shark Media:



Listening to Your Dreams: How Yanni Hufnagel Became An Assistant Coacher

It is definitely not easy to become a great athlete, but it is much harder to coach a team of athletes.

Yanni Hufnagel is an American coach for basketball athletes looking to evolve and become better at their sport. He is the assistant coach of the Nevada Wolf Pack men’s basketball team, along with Eric Musselman. But this is not the only group that comprises the career of Yanni as an assistant: He has already coached and helped train three other teams: The California Golden Bears, the Harvard Crimson, and The Vanderbilt Commodores.

Raised in New York where he was born, Yanni learned the definition of dedication since the earliest days of his life. He knew that his achievements would come from his success and his efforts in pursuing his goals.

Yanni got has also worked in the sports industry as a commentator for a small period in a TV channel that broadcasted games with live commentaries. Yanni knew that he wanted to be more involved with the sport though, but he was unable to stay in the basketball team of from Scarsdale School, where he attended his High School.

Later, he would join the Pennsylvania State University and stayed there for one year before he got transferred to Cornell University. The process occurred because his lacrosse team, at the time, something that Yanni was learning to see if he would want to pursue, was transferred to the other University and he went with the team.

It was in that University that he got his degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, even though he meant to pursue the career of sports. And he achieved it, in 2009, when he got a position as the assistant coach of Tommy Amaker. This would begin a chain of occupations that Yanni could not have foreseen. He would soon join the Vanderbilt Commodores four years later, the Golden Bears one year after that, and finally; his coaching position in April 2016.


Fabletics works with Demi Lovato to support Girls

Fabletics one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the United States. The company was established by Kate Hudson and has majored in the manufacture of activewear. The firm recently announced the formation of a partnership with Demi Lovato, who a Grammy award winning musician. This is the first collaboration that the company has made from the time that it was formed in 2013. Fabletics has been striving to ensure that all women have an active and healthy lifestyle despite size, age, ability, and shape. The company has now created a new collection that is called Demi Lovato for Fabletics. This clothing line is currently being released as a limited edition, and it will consist of a capsule collection that will improve the ability of Fabletics to focus on female empowerment and body positivity. Lovato’s music greatly inspires the Demi Lovato for Fabletics collections. The designs of the products also reflect her dedication to empowering women and providing outstanding styles. The formation of the clothing line will be beneficial to the partnership that Fabletics has formed with the United Nations Foundation’s project, Girl Up campaign. The campaign is devoted to encouraging young girls to offer help to other girls across the globe.


Demi Lovato is recognized for being a very vocal activist for body positivity. She spends about four hours of her day working out in the gym. The main products that her new collection offers include tops, jackets, leggings, and bras. Part of the revenue that the company will collect from retailing the athleisure wear will be provided to SchoolCycle. The organization is one of the major affiliates of the United Nations Population Fund. It has been ensuring that girls travel safely to schools by offering bicycles, spare parts, and maintenance services. Demi Lovato for Fabletics will be a limited edition until August 2017 when the full collection will be launched.


According to Kate Hudson, Fabletics collaborated with Demi Lovato because of her devotion and voice for female empowerment. Hudson also loves the intelligence that Lovato shows. Demi revealed that she was happy when the Fabletics co-founder requested her to collaborate with the company in the program. She said that she was excited to join efforts with a renowned fashion brand that supports her values and campaign. Lovato said that the new venture seems interesting to her since it involves the development of amazing fashion designs while helping girls across the globe. The funds that will be raised from her partnership with Fabletics will be supporting young girls to have a decent education, joy, and also empower them to be leaders in their communities. SchoolCycle is a global organization, and it currently benefits over 130 million girls across the globe.


Fabletics is regarded as one of the leading providers of activewear in the United States. The brand has taken over the online fashion sector, and it currently serves millions of subscribers across the United States. Fabletics makes sure that its products can be accessed by many women in the country, and therefore, it sells them discounted prices. The company retails its athleisure wear online and in brick and mortar stores.

Tricks For Everyday Items


If you have a ballpoint pen, you might notice a small hole on the side of the pen. It’s called a vent hole. When you’re writing, you create a vacuum inside the pen. The hole allows air to escape so that you can easily write letters and numbers on the paper without the pen getting stuck to the paper. If there isn’t a hole, you might notice that there is a lack of ink while writing.


Look at the end of your toothpaste tube to see a small colored block. It could be red, green or blue. These indicate the ingredients that are in the toothpaste. Green is all natural, red features mostly chemicals and blue is natural plus medicine. When you look at your Apple earphones, you will likely see small holes. These allow air through the speakers of the earphones. It allows the diaphragm of the speaker to move more freely, giving a better sound.


There’s a small tab underneath the rear view mirror. This tab acts like sunglasses while you’re driving at night to block out the headlights of the car behind you, especially if the car has the high beams on and is blinding you while you’re driving. Look at the gaps in your tires to see how much tread you have left. Place a penny in the tread, and if you can see most of the penny, then it’s time to look for new tires as there is very little tread left. This could cause the tire to blow out while driving or make it easier to slide on the road.

The Beauty of Soft, Healthy Hair

When it comes to hair care, the industry certainly has come a long way. Many years ago, people used harsh, chemical loaded, WEN shampoos containing sulfate that did more harm than good to the hair. They were left with dry, frizzy hair that was prone to breakage, color fading, and falling out.

Today, we have the luxury of “no-poo” shampoos, more commonly known as cleansing conditioners. Gentle enough to use as often as you like, these non lather creams are sulfate free and gently cleanse the hair without stripping. According to general WEN article they are safe for all types of hair, including color or chemically treated hair. No-poo shampoos leave you with soft, well conditioned luxurious hair that is as wonderful to look at as it is to touch.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a line of cleaning conditioners that leaves hair in perfect condition. A few pumps of this rich cream is all you need to achieve red carpet worthy locks that shine with health.Wen by Chaz Dean can be used several times a week to as often as you like. Your hair will have a clean, sweet smell, and be perfectly cleaned and conditioned in one easy step, without drying out and damaging your hair. It is ideal for men, women and kids as well. Healthy hair by WEN is something we all desire, now it can be ours every day with Wen by Chaz Dean.


Avaaz Means Global Activism

As the leading civil activism group with a 44 million members worldwide located in 194 countries, Avaaz gets noticed. Its practice of bringing drama and media from the people to the political and governmental organizations has a broad agenda. Avaaz embraces conflict, human rights, animal rights, poverty and climate change with equal enthusiasm. Avaaz was founded in the USA in 2007 and has had numerous civil victories in its history. Even The Guardian commented that Avaaz is a significant and powerful citizen network.

Avaaz is recognized as a leader in the activism surrounding global climate change issues. The People’s Climate Marches were notably successful in collaborating with other organizations, media and government officials to let the governing bodies know how important action is now to so many people.

Several world leaders marched with Avaaz to demonstrate their commitment to reducing the use of fossil fuels. In Paris they were able to demonstrate that people can unite to reconcile disputes and meet challenges that are common to all life on Earth.

The name Avaaz is derived from several Middle Eastern languages and means “voice”. With a multi-national populace, the voice speaks many languages in print, online, in public demonstrations and in conference rooms. There are core teams on 6 continents addressing issues in 15 languages.

Supported by individual contributions instead of large corporations, Avaaz has raised over $20 million dollars for its programs. This grass roots support and member driven agenda is what makes Avaaz so different from other activist organizations.

The focus is consensus and the values of human rights and dignity for everyone and it includes the animals and plants which also live on this planet. The goal of unity and cooperation has often been sought before. Avaaz brings it to the 21st century.