NuoDB, A Step Further Towards Better Database Management

NuoDB is a company that is focused on offering their customers not just security, but protection and encryption on a whole new level. This database company was founded in 2008 by Barry Morris and Jim Starkey. The company mainly offers customers SQL based database structures which help coders who are in the process of coding new apps and software. Their primary target audience is people who are in the process of development using cloud computing environments. NuoDB works towards making applications and software more safe and secure while enabling faster process timers. This allows the application or software to perform multiple tasks without getting tagged out by too many processes at one time.

NuoDB is used by numerous app developers who want to give their customers something that isn’t too buggy and which performs just as it should. NuoDB has been said to revolutionize the way MYSQL technology impacts the process of a software and has to meet the need and fulfilled the requirements of numerous people who have used them. Customers of NuoDB are offered flexible options which fit perfectly according to their requirements to provide them with the best out of what they are opting for when they are choosing NuoDB.

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