USHEALH GROUP, Using Leadership To Develop Better Working Conditions

USHEALH GROUP, Using Leadership To Develop Better Working Conditions

USHEALTH Group stands out because it encourages its employees to use their talents. Other organizations fail to do so. Most companies train their human resource on how to work so that they are productive while working for the enterprise. USHEALH Group uses the ability of their human resource to develop the company and the individual. Troy McQuagee is the chairman of USHEALT Group. He has come up with new methods of growing the business. He has retooled the advisory of the company. He has made the company to be in a position to make better decisions business wise.

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Troy McQuagee was awarded as the best chief executive officer by One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is a body that evaluates different CEOs and gauges them using peculiar parameters to test leadership skills. Troy is nothing short of a servant leader. His impact as a leader is felt at all levels since he joined USHEALTH Group. The impact of most leaders is felt to the degree of the senior level. The company’s profit has increased since it was in a delicate position before he joined the group. Troy has revolutionized the leadership methods used by the group by applying the new skills that he learned from his previous managerial positions.

Troy grew from junior level to senior level. His career history refines him into a servant leader. He leads people to a liberal mindset. Troy does not force laws on people. He uses an open-door policy so that he is in a position to fit in everyone’s shoes. Developing this attitude as a leader is not easy. Some leaders are buried by their duties and responsibilities. Troy has managed to run the business and lead people.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that offers packages to the self-employed workers, small business owners, and families. Their target market is a demanding one. They are flexible. Troy’s decision to use people’s talents worked and improved sales as this is mostly the informal sector. This package is one of its own. It covers people at an affordable rate. It is also open for beneficiaries. It is easy to sign up here because it has options that favor its target market. This shows that it understands its target market and this leaves it at a better position to win the hearts of its consumers. The customer service that is upheld by the company is attractive and gives customers the confidence that the company values their input in their firm. It attracts people easily and retains them in the long run. USHEALTH Group is a company that values customers as a core value of the enterprise.

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