Fabletics Sets Itself Apart As A Prominent Activewear Brand

Fabletics is a brand that has been making a splash in the pool of the activewear fashion market. With their creativity and innovation, they have adopted strategies which work extremely well in their favor, putting them at the top of the fashion game. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson in 2013 as an activewear and leisurewear brand. An advocator of a fit lifestyle, Kate Hudson was the perfect person to curate a brand that offered men, women, and kids everywhere comfortable and stylish activewear.


Since its inception, Fabletics has grown as a brand and reached various astonishing milestones that only a few brands can hope to achieve in such a short span of time. Since 2013, the brand’s value has gone up significantly, and the brand is now worth an estimated $250M. One of the reasons the brand has been able to grow so much so fast is owing to the product that they offer their shoppers. Customers get to pick their clothing according to their body type and choice of activity, along with their style and fit preferences. By doing this, Fabletics gives its customers products that are tailored to fit their needs and styles perfectly. In short, Fabletics offers their clients exactly what they would want from their activewear.


Fabletics started out as an online store and continues to maintain that platform as their primary marketplace. Fabletics has faced stiff competition from competitors like Amazon who currently have significant control over the market. Even then, Fabletics has fought through the competition and emerged as a leading activewear brand, whose name stands among the biggest in the fashion industry.


Fabletics works on a membership plan, a market strategy that has been tried and tested by some of the largest brands in the market. They aim for their customers signing up for their membership plan, to keep their sales up and name running. Customers can choose what they would like to receive from a range of multiple plans and then opt for the one they like the best. After that, customers receive a set of activewear every month delivered to their home. By doing so, Fabletics is still getting their products across to people who might not have enough time to shop, but still want to get the best in fashion and look beautiful, even at the gym. People no longer have to browse through multiple stores to find a new outfit every month. Instead, they receive new clothes, without fail, with little to no effort.


Fabletics does their research well. They know what their customers want, and always come through with giving them just that. For a better understanding of their customers, Fabletics has some customer research tools in place so that they can serve their customers to their maximum potential. Fabletics believes in having an extremely high quality of customer service.


In 2015, the brand opened up numerous stores across the country to let customers try on the clothes they see online. The store was merely an additional customer service tool for customers and existed solely to allow them to try on the clothes to get a feel of them better.

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