How A Round Little Orb Shook Up The Lip Balm Industry

For more than a century, lip balm has always been the cylindrical mainstay when it came to lip care. We’ve all had that famous cherry flavored tube in our pockets and purses. Sometimes taking an accidental trip through the laundry. Everything about traditional lip balm was flipped on it’s head when a small upstart branded Evolution Of Smooth hit the markets nearly 8 years ago. Pastel orbs with enticing new flavors, EOS (the shortened acronym) hit the ground running and shook up the industry to become the second best selling brand. Filling the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart and Target stores across the country, everyone was whipping out their spheres in the name of smoother lips. Online stores Amazon and eBay sell EOS too.

EOS sells over a million pieces a week and is on track to double by 2020. Never taking any outside funding sources, the founders relied on the wants and needs of today’s woman to provide a functional and fashionable product that would ultimately be a game changer in the lip care market. Using on trend marketing techniques such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as getting the product into celebrities and you tube influencers, EOS is now the largest advertiser in its category. In its short lifespan, they have now become a household name, with high profile endorsements as Well as a slew of copycats.

EOS ( has begun to branch out with other beauty needs such as hand lotions and shaving creams. It stands to reason that Evolution of Smooth is the new evolution of beauty.


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