The Lung Institute: Innovative Stem Cell Treatment for Pulmonary Disease

The Lung Institute was established to assist people suffering from chronic lung disease. The Lung Institute exists to assist in the improvement of the quality of life for men and women suffering from different types of lung disease and conditions. These include pulmonary conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

The sad reality is that the quality of life for people with these types of conditions can be severely impaired. This includes an impairment on both the physical and mental level.

When afflicted with different pulmonary conditions, even seemingly simplistic tasks like walking, grooming, or cooking become extremely challenging. In short, an afflicted person really loses his or her ability to address some of the common tasks of daily living. Moreover, as a condition or disease progresses, those limitations increase, and oftentimes dramatically so.

According to the Baylor College of Medicine, traditional treatment regimens, designed to address these conditions, usually come with difficult, negative side effects. At best, these traditional treatments strive to relieve symptoms. A traditional treatment regimen for these different types of pulmonary conditions do not address the progression of the ailment or disease.

The Lung Institute takes a different approach. Through its stem cell treatment, the Lung Institute strives to not only minimize symptoms but to slow the progression of a condition or disease like COPD. The physicians at the Lung Institute want to not only restore a patient’s ability for a better life today but to enhance an individual’s overall health going forward into the future.

The Lung Institute has clinics across the United States. These clinics are staffed with physicians and other medical professionals who have significant experience in treating pulmonary diseases and conditions. With clinics located in different locations in the United States, a person afflicted with a lung disease or condition is able to access the innovative stem cell treatment program offered by the Lung Institute at a site convenient to his or her home. Follow the Lung Institute;

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