Objectives to Being Successful

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has been successful. He believes in certain steps that lead to one being successful in their business. He has been in the business industry for over 20 years. He has begun, developed and sold so many businesses. At Flocku.com he serves as the CEO, it is a company that assists students to share their knowledge on an online platform.


The first step to being accomplished is to be a leader and not a boss. A boss is a person who cares for himself and forgets others. A leader dedicates his time to leading people in the right way so that they can achieve a common goal. He first considers his staff.

The second step is that there should be a win-win situation. You should have wisdom that in making good deals that may not end up being a loss. Have a positive energy that you will win. Thereafter this success should be shared with your staff and clients.


Thirdly you should learn to speak less and listen more. When you listen to your staff and clients they will honor you and give you the respect you deserve. The fourth point is being able to initiate a balance in your life. Health issues and a good and happy home should be included in your success.


The last step of success is noticing what your passion is and thereafter exploring it. A passion is something that hits your mind every day that you wake up. This passion will encourage you to aim higher not only in your business but giving a hand to those in need.



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