George Soros – One Of The Most Influential Opinion Leaders In The World

George Soros is currently one of the most prominent financial experts, hedge-funders, political contributor, and opinion leaders in the world today. His net worth stands tall at $25.2 Billion and is the founder and owner of Soros Fund Management, which has over $25 Billion in assets under management. He is an active political, and social reformer and his political contributions to the United State’s Democratic Party are well-known. In recent Presidential elections in the United States, he was the top direct donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign on It is because he firmly believes in the liberal causes and has been supporting Democratic causes and leaders for a couple of decades now.

Since its inception in 1979, George Soros’ Soros Foundation Network’s flagship charity and social welfare organization, Open Society Foundation, has donated, channeled and distributed over $5 Billion to various charity organizations for the causes George Soros believes in. George Soros believes that the justice system on of the United States needs immediate reform as there are racial disparity and bias towards immigrants, black and other minority communities that need to be addressed. He through his foundation helps the attorneys and other entities that work actively towards these causes.

Many organizations are supported by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations such as Advancement Project, America Votes, Alliance for Justice, All of Us or None, Air America Radio, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Blueprint North Carolina, Catalyst, Color of Change, Defenders of Wildlife, Democracy 21, Democracy Alliance, and more. As the immigration is a rise in the United States, especially due to the crisis the world is going on currently, George Soros has noticed there is massive discrimination against the refugees and minorities. It is because of this, George Soros has pledged to fund $500 million to businesses started by refugees, migrants, and minorities. He believes in providing fair justice and equal opportunity to one and all as it is what the American dream is all about, and works hard through his foundation and financial resources to achieve that, even at the age of 86.

George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew, and has seen world war with his own eyes, and has escaped the death during the holocaust caused by Nazis in Hungary. It is due to the network and influence of his family in those days that he and his family were able to escape from the clutches of ruthless Nazis on Investopedia. Having survived such political landmark events through his life, he is blessed with the political and social foresightedness that is unmatched in today’s time. It is because of such experiences that he firmly believes that the United States needs a government that is inclusive and not fascist, which he believes Trump’s regime can be.

Woman Entrepreneur Rona Borre

Rona Borre Instant Alliance has grown into a multi-million dollar company

Rona Borre founded her company, Instant Alliance, in 2001 and has successfully guided it into a nationally recognized woman-owned IT recruiting and staffing company for the accounting and finance industries. Borre has partnered with Fortune 500 countries across the United States and can always find the perfect fit for staff that are talented, skillful, and will fit into the corporate culture at the company.

In 1995 Rona Borre graduated from the Unversity of Arizona with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She also specialized in marketing during her studies. She started her professional career as a Recruiter and Account Executive at Team Alliance. After working as a Senior Account Executive at Sapphire Technologies she decided to strike out on her own and so in November 2001 she founded her company. Borre has been recognized by a number of national publications including Enterprising Women Magazine and the National Association of Women Business Owners, according to  She has also been very active in her Chicago, Illinois community and is part of The Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network and the Young President’s Organization. She has also appeared in media including on CNN, USA Today, CNBC, and CBS in addition to other appearances.

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Due to the efforts of Rona Borre Instant Alliance has grown into a multi-million dollar company. She employs more than 400 industry professionals and has placed thousands of staff at Fortune companies. Borre has commented that Instant Alliance has achieved a 3:1 interview to hire ratio and even more impressive a 1% attrition rate.

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The Lung Institute: Innovative Stem Cell Treatment for Pulmonary Disease

The Lung Institute was established to assist people suffering from chronic lung disease. The Lung Institute exists to assist in the improvement of the quality of life for men and women suffering from different types of lung disease and conditions. These include pulmonary conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

The sad reality is that the quality of life for people with these types of conditions can be severely impaired. This includes an impairment on both the physical and mental level.

When afflicted with different pulmonary conditions, even seemingly simplistic tasks like walking, grooming, or cooking become extremely challenging. In short, an afflicted person really loses his or her ability to address some of the common tasks of daily living. Moreover, as a condition or disease progresses, those limitations increase, and oftentimes dramatically so.

According to the Baylor College of Medicine, traditional treatment regimens, designed to address these conditions, usually come with difficult, negative side effects. At best, these traditional treatments strive to relieve symptoms. A traditional treatment regimen for these different types of pulmonary conditions do not address the progression of the ailment or disease.

The Lung Institute takes a different approach. Through its stem cell treatment, the Lung Institute strives to not only minimize symptoms but to slow the progression of a condition or disease like COPD. The physicians at the Lung Institute want to not only restore a patient’s ability for a better life today but to enhance an individual’s overall health going forward into the future.

The Lung Institute has clinics across the United States. These clinics are staffed with physicians and other medical professionals who have significant experience in treating pulmonary diseases and conditions. With clinics located in different locations in the United States, a person afflicted with a lung disease or condition is able to access the innovative stem cell treatment program offered by the Lung Institute at a site convenient to his or her home. Follow the Lung Institute;

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Highland Capital Management Steps up Position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund

The Texas based finance firm Highland Capital Management has recently upped its position in the Nexpoint Credit Stategies Fund. According to the SEC, the fund now has a total of 793,096 shares which consists of a total of 5% of common stock. The SEC has also revealed that Highland Capital Management co founder James Dondero owns over 3 million of the shares of Nexpoint Credit Strategies. Highland Capital Management currently owns over $11 million worth of Nexpoint’s shares as well. As a result of this, Highland Capital Management is now the largest stakeholder of this company after Morgan Stanley who own over $16 million worth of shares. Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund is currently managed by Nexpoint Advisors which is an affiliate of Highland Capital Management.


Highland Capital Management is run and owned by James Dondero. He co founded the firm back in the year 1993 and has built it into one of the top investment firms in the United States. The firm has a considerable worldwide presence as it has office locations in the United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea. Dondero’s firm specializes in providing large institutional investors with assistance in managing billions of dollars worth of assets. James and his firm Highland Capital Management provide a number of ways to help their clients. The firm offers hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and also private equity securities With these options, Highland Capital has been able to help a number of these investors more efficiently manage their financial assets.


James Dondero held a number of positions in the finance field before starting up his own firm. He first began his career as a credit investor and analyst. This allowed James the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of asset management. Once he left this position, he would advance to higher positions with more responsibility. Dondero would eventually attain the position as chief investment officer in which he would manage up to $2 billion worth of assets for companies such as American Express. Prior to working in the finance industry, James attended the University of Virginia where he majored in accounting and finance. He would graduate from the university with top honors.



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Wessex Institute of Technology Jobs

Do you want to take your career to a new level? If so, finding a great company is the most important part of that process. Many people today are working in jobs that they are not challenged in. Although this may be good for your stress levels, it is now the way to build your career over the long term. Come check out what the Wessex Institute of Technology can offer today in this area. This is a company that is constantly committed to providing quality customer service to customers. Not only that, you will love all of the different options that there are for customers today. We are excited about what the Wessex Institute of Technology can offer you in terms of employment. Not only that, but we are ready to invest in you as a customer as well. Come on by today to see what we can offer when it comes to a career.  Refer to

Benefits Of Online Reputation Management

Are you an executive in a large organization, an entrepreneur or a small business manager? Do you know what people are saying about you or your company or what is being published online about you? If you are not sure how you or your organization is being perceived online, it is very important that you find out before it’s too late. Reputation management professionals can help you.

In today’s extremely competitive business setting, the way potential customers perceive a company has a direct influence on its sales and profits. If you want to reach the level of success you desire, it is extremely important that you have a way to track conversations about your company and address issues appropriately. A good online reputation management service can be of great benefit to you.

The rise of social media and the decrease of conventional advertising and marketing means modern-day businesses have to proactively engage consumers and concentrate on developing a solid online reputation. With a good online reputation you can instill confidence in potential customers and retain current customers and clients.

When it comes to online reputation management, internet search engine’s first page is important, reveals People judge brands based on what search engine’s outcomes say about them.

Actually, most people make often rely on information they get from a search engine result to choose whether to do business with a firm.

Most people count on brand referrals from friends and colleagues, and a variety of them depend on customer point of views more than paid ads. If you build a good relationship with your current customers and clients, and maintain an impressive image about your company you will absolutely have a chance to achieve success in your endeavors.

Reputation management on the web is not just responding to unfavorable content and creating favorable reviews. It has to do with developing a reputation that portrays a brand in a positive light and appeals to its target audience. This is specifically why organizations should have a comprehensive online reputation management system in place. You need to check out various reputation management firms out there and choose one that has a proven track record.


What Makes WEN by Chaz Unique?

If you’ve been looking for a hair care line that will strengthen and condition the hair without harsh additives, Wen could very well be the answer. The Wen product collection was invented stylist Chaz Dean, and there are several items from Wen that make this hair care system unique.

Wen Hair is made from natural plant extracts and essential oils, so it leaves the hair smelling pleasant and helps to protect and moisturize the scalp. The shampoos, conditioners and styling products from Wen are also free of common preservatives like sodium lauryl sulfate and paragons, which have been proven to cause health issues.

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One of the most popular items from the Wen line is the cleansing conditioner. This product both cleans and softens the hair and comes in three varieties: vanilla mint, lavender and pomegranate. Each of the cleansing conditioners can also be paired with styling ingredients in the same scent. The vanilla mint line is ideal for hair that needs to be thoroughly moisturized to get rid of split ends and frizziness. The lavender line has a relaxing scent and thoroughly cleanses the scalp and gives the hair luster and shine. Wen’s pomegranate line of products is ideal for thin hair, since is provides volume and makes the hair sleek and silky. The conditioners can also be combined with water to make a leave-in conditioner that provides the hair with vitamins and nutrients all day long.

Styling creme and shampoo are also popular products from Wen, and these work with the conditioners to make the hair even healthier. A number of customers have seen positive results after just one use.

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Objectives to Being Successful

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has been successful. He believes in certain steps that lead to one being successful in their business. He has been in the business industry for over 20 years. He has begun, developed and sold so many businesses. At he serves as the CEO, it is a company that assists students to share their knowledge on an online platform.


The first step to being accomplished is to be a leader and not a boss. A boss is a person who cares for himself and forgets others. A leader dedicates his time to leading people in the right way so that they can achieve a common goal. He first considers his staff.

The second step is that there should be a win-win situation. You should have wisdom that in making good deals that may not end up being a loss. Have a positive energy that you will win. Thereafter this success should be shared with your staff and clients.


Thirdly you should learn to speak less and listen more. When you listen to your staff and clients they will honor you and give you the respect you deserve. The fourth point is being able to initiate a balance in your life. Health issues and a good and happy home should be included in your success.


The last step of success is noticing what your passion is and thereafter exploring it. A passion is something that hits your mind every day that you wake up. This passion will encourage you to aim higher not only in your business but giving a hand to those in need.



Helane Morrison: Brings Forth Positive Changes in Society

One thing that people understand is that society needs to change for the better. However, in order to bring forth the changes, one has to be willing to fight for those changes. There are always people that like things the way they are. Therefore, it is important for them to be willing to move through this obstacle. In order to do this, one has to have a thick skin. The best way to develop a thick skin is by having a vision that they believe in. The person’s motivation to fight for this vision depends on how great this vision is.


Helane Morrison is one person who has that great vision. She envisions a world of true equality and diversity. While there is still a long journey ahead for this person, she does consider the journey worth every step. As a matter of fact, she has traveled on this journey for a while. She has taken on a lot of corporations that act unethically with finances. Therefore, she has developed the resolve that is necessary to take on the big cats. One thing that motivates her is not that she wants to punish the big corporations. As a matter of fact, she wants to strengthen the trust in corporations. The only way to do this is by holding corporations accountable.


Helane has taken on a lot of cases in order to whip the industries in shape. One thing she does not like is the idea of clients coming to the conclusion that financial institutions are not trustworthy. This is why she is willing to make sure that they are following the rules that are put in place. This is in fact a promise that the corporations must keep because they are very important to the customers. If the customers have nowhere to go, then they will be in a bad position.