Help Wikipedia improve their coverage of indigenous people

If you were to be asked what you know about a person like Esther Belin, you would probably ask who she is and why you should know anything about her. Well, the lady is a multimedia artiste who has won a pushcart prize for her work. She has also been listed as one of the favorite artistes by big names such as Sherman Alexie as one of her favorites. The interesting thing about the artiste is that famous and accomplished as she is, there is no information about her on Wikipedia. As a matter of fact, there is so little information about indigenous people on Wikipedia that the organization is inviting editors to try and write something about this community that seems to have been forgotten.
Everyone that participates in the Wikiconference North America is being invited to be part of the edit-a-thon that will take place on the Indigenous people’s day. The main aim of the event is to get something written about this community that has remained behind closed doors despite producing some of the most talented people in the community. The idea of holding edit-a-thons came after a research was carried out and it revealed that only 8 percent of all the Wikipedia editors are female. Besides getting more women to participate in the editing of the site, the events are supposed to improve the rate at which the issues affecting the women are highlighted.
It is a little hard to believe that one of the world’s largest information database, containing more than five million articles and with a user base of close to 30 million can have such large blind spots when it comes to giving information about certain groups of people.
Another research that was done by Oxford in 2015 showed that very few locals are willing to edit on issues that relate to their culture or countries. It was also discovered that people from places like Africa where the broadband connectivity is limited are less likely to participate in the editing projects.
The fact that there are so many people using Wikipedia is an indicator that businesses that want to increase their reach and visibility should invest in a page on the site. Besides the visibility, search engines tend to rank pages that have been listed here higher than those that do not have a page. It is therefore recommended to hire Wikipedia experts to perform the edit for your business and reap the benefits of being part of Wikipedia.

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