Mike Baur’s Visualization Creates New Revenue Potential for Startup Companies Success

In 2014, when Mike Baur Co-Founded the Swiss Start up Factory in Switzerland, it began as an ambitious mission to create global companies that break from the traditional ways of doing business. It was to produce an outcome of companies which would expand beyond the normal business models. Swiss Start up Factory set out on an aspiring journey to pave the way for early stage startups to grow and strengthen their businesses.

As Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Mike’s vision positioned Swiss Start up Factory to establish a trail-blazing 3-month program, which provides financing, coaching, mentoring and office space to an enormous entrepreneurial and investor network. The company focuses on delivering ideas-to-market within that 3-month time frame, for the start-up business to expand its growth, technology and revenue earning potential.

Virtually all entrepreneurs within the program have made significant pivots to creating added revenue for their business. It is a testament to the success of the commitment, mentorship and creativity of the program. It is widely branded for developing revenue streams for growing a startup and enriching its technology resources.

Mike Baur knows how to strategize the various factors in order to grow a business and make it successful. In 2011, as the former founder of Scansource Inc., Mike was named one of CRN magazine’s top 100 Executives. The award was to spotlight the most influential executives in the industry at the time, and Mike was exceptionally influential with his commitment to help bring contrasting technologies together into an integrated services range.

At that time, Mike said “(he) remains committed to helping partners grow their business as new opportunities continue to be introduced…” It was a clear sign then, as it is now, that Mike Baur would take the Swiss Start up Factory to great heights with not only his commitment, but also with his unwavering non-traditional business approach to cultivate and develop early stage startups.

Perhaps because he could be well-known as one of the most effective entrepreneurs of the decade, Mike has made the world of the startup enterprise a more skillful art form with the Swiss Start up Factory program, and it will continue for years to come.

Mike Baur continues to pursue the responsibilities for the fundraising prospects and financing rounds for the Swiss Start up Factory program. The SSUF team continues to provide an exceptional platform of services as well as entrepreneurial support for startups to achieve tremendous revenue earning opportunities.

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